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Me Evolving Again

I haven’t been on wordpress since I posted last Friday, so when I logged on to write something for today, I was pleasantly surprised by my site stats. Ready for the number? 27 It reminded me of a post I wrote a year ago called Me Evolving about broadening my reading horizons to be a […]

I Beg Of You, Please Have RSS and Email Options For Your Blog

So, the other day I’m reading one of my regular blogs and I came across a new commenter. Looked interesting. I clicked over to the blog. A quick scan of articles was promising. Okay, let me just add this to my RSS feed for later reading. Hey where’s the RSS? After all that, I can’t […]

I Sort of Know Where This is Going

You know that feeling, whether you’re a plotter or a pantser, where you’ve started work on a story and you kind of know where it’s going? That’s how I’ve been feeling about my blog. I started blogging almost five months ago and this post will be number seventy-one. In the past few weeks there have […]