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The Next Big Thing (What’s it Called?)

My buddy, Kait, tagged me in this ten question meme about my current work in progress. Normally, I never have answers for these things, but for this one, I had stuff to say! What is the title of your book? Don’t have one yet. I’ll probably take suggestions from my buddies when I finish writing […]

Whoa! #ROW80 Snuck Up On Me

Totally forgot today was the start of round four. But I’m here now. Hooray! Had a hard time coming up with goals. Writing my debut doesn’t seem practical since I’m not ready for that yet and I don’t when I’ll be ready. There are a few things I know I need to do to get […]

The Hard Truth

I had a different topic to talk about today, but that can wait. I have important stuff to tell you guys. In a nutshell: I’ve decided to postpone releasing Monster Inside Me for at least a year. Maybe longer. This has nothing to do with my personal life. Everything on that front is good. This […]

Remembering Regarding Henry

Last Thursday I blogged about some movies that influenced my heroes journey, one of them being Regarding Henry. I was always thought of it as a pretty well known movie, but maybe I was projecting my own love for it. The more I thought about it, the more I realized how large an influence it […]

My Training as an Engineer Thus Far #ROW80 Update

My Goal: Read two chapters of Story Engineering a day until I finish it. Test my grasp of those lessons on my WIP and short stories. Things are still very GOOD. I’ve kept up with my reading of Story Engineering. Right now I’m in a large section breaking down character into three specific dimensions which […]