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The Hard Truth

I had a different topic to talk about today, but that can wait. I have important stuff to tell you guys. In a nutshell: I’ve decided to postpone releasing Monster Inside Me for at least a year. Maybe longer. This has nothing to do with my personal life. Everything on that front is good. This […]

I’ve Been Interviewed. Bask in my Awesome!

This actually went up yesterday, but I didn’t schedule anything to let you guys know. I figured I’d have time since Thursdays are my day off. One of these days I’ll learn. Anyway here’s the link. Thanks to Anne-Mhair Simpson for having me!

Breaking News: Fiction by Me

A few hours ago in my update, I mentioned doing a story for Draven Ames’s blog. Well, it’s up and ready to read. It’s called Born Again.

Brain Purge: An Update

Can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last post here. I’m still not ready to come back fully, but I’ve got some stuff on my mind I’d like to share . . . Shiznit style! 1. My wife’s back is doing MUCH better. Last month, any kind of movement was difficult for her. […]

It’s #ROW80 Update Time

My Goal: Read two chapters of Story Engineering a day until I finish it. Test my grasp of those lessons on my WIP and short stories. Hopefully by the time you read this, I’ll have done some writing, but so far none. Sunday I knew I wouldn’t because after work (I stayed late . . […]