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My Journey Into the World of Eve Dallas

This week I popped in the audio of Naked in Death by J.D. Robb (the alter ego of Nora Roberts) for my commute to work. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d heard plenty about the long running series from my wife who thought I’d be into it. I think one of the reason’s I […]

Girly Man

Did everyone catch The Problem Is Not the Books (via FB Claire Legrand) on Saundra Mitchell’s blog last Saturday? It was in response to this New York Times article basically saying that boys are reading less because YA books are being written for girls. It’s one of those head scratching “huh?” statements that makes no […]

Love Conquers All: Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman Stop By

Hey folks. About a month ago I told you about a great new comic called Undying Love. For those who missed it, here’s a quick synopsis: John Sargent and Mei are in love. Slight problem. Mei’s a vampire. Clues from the first issue indicate they met after Mei was a vampire. What might’ve drove most […]

The Sweetest, Darkest Love Story Times Two

Let me start off by saying, in general, I don’t like remakes. I get very attached to a good movie and have no interest in seeing someone “re-imagine” or “update” it. If the movie stands the test of time, why do it again? Besides for money. There are some good ones, but for the most […]

Undying Love: Twenty-Two Pages of Brilliance

The minute I saw this cover, I was instantly intrigued. It could easily double as a movie poster or book cover, but no, it’s a comic. And what a read. So, it’s called “Undying” and there’s the bleeding heart. Looks like we got a romance between a vampire and human. (Yawn, been there, done that.) […]

Me Evolving

My wife loves a good countdown, especially the ones on VH1.  I think she was watching the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time and ABBA came up.  While they’re profiling the band they cut to Corey Taylor and says something like, “Yeah, I like ABBA.  What.”  For those not familiar, Corey Taylor is the lead […]

Having It Both Ways With No Ordinary Family

Last week I did a post about the new NBC show, The Cape and part of it focused on The Cape’s connection to his son.  While not great, that familial bonding type stuff is my sweet spot and always sucks me in.  The next day I read the female point of view from Susan Bischoff, […]