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Write More, Market Less: The Proof

I read an article with a bunch of self-publishing stats last night. To me, it was a lot of common sense stuff, but if they only decided to print this part, its all any writer needs to know. The Top Earners group spent more time writing than they did marketing, and those in the group […]

The Fantastic Adventure

I’m thinking, by now, everyone’s read or heard about that New York Times article proclaiming that publishing one book a year is slacking. With digital books are so easy to publish and tons more forms of entertainment to entice consumers, releasing more books seems to be the answer. I don’t get this logic. I think […]

Indie vs. Trad: Which Side Are You?

It’s time to set the record straight. To, once and for all, END this debate. One side claims its opponent isn’t legitimate and only an option for those incapable of getting a REAL publishing deal. The other side laughs at this notion. At these dinosaurs and their old ways of thinking. So, let’s go through […]