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My New Author Friends: Love Series Part 8

That’s right!  The last part of my series is all about you! There’s something special about creative communities that reminds me of my experience at Comic Con last year.  The event is huge.  So big in fact, that the convention center you’re walking into seems like a small town.  And this town is full of […]

Butt-Kicking Chicks: Love Series Part 7

From a guy’s point of view, a pretty girl beating the crap out of the bad guys is a wonderful sight, but if that’s all there was to these women, their charm would’ve faded long ago. Way before the butt-kicking chick became popular, I was into them because I’m a big horror movie fan.  Particularly […]

The 80’s: Love Series Part 4

There has never been, nor ever will be a time like the 80’s.  There, I said it. How is it I can make such a bold statement?  Well, besides this being my blog and what I say goes, there was a simplicity to the 80’s that’s long gone.  And since my childhood activities consisted of […]

Detectives: Love Series Part 3

Ah detectives.  A special kind of outsider. In general outsiders have a special place in my heart because, “I’m not just the president, I’m also a client.”  Detectives go places most regular folk might never see or want to see in their lifetime and it seems to me they do it because it’d be impossible […]

Comic Books: Love Series Part 2

My earliest comic book memory was buying them with my Grandmother as a preteen.  It was our monthly ritual.  We’d walk to the barber and after my haircut, she bought me some comics.  And how cool was she, she’d get me Dark Horse comics!  Definitely more grownup than the majority of titles from Marvel or […]