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Yes, Lee Child Is THAT Awesome

Yesterday I saw a tweet from Alison Brennan (via Piper Bayard retweet) about advice Lee Child gave to a group of new writers. I highly recommend making some time to read it because as the author of the article, Anthony J. Franze, correctly points out, Lee Child’s advice is more about being a successful person in whatever […]

A Steady Dose of Kait Nolan Does My Mind Good

Sometimes I feel I’m in PCU. The movie’s premise is centered around a group of college kids trying to save their frat house from being closed down. They plan to throw a huge party to raise the necessary funds and everyone gets a job to, one of them being to put up flyers. Well, the […]

Realizing The Mess I Am

There was a moment when I met my future in-laws for the first time where I was struck with how little I knew about anything. I’d never met a family that played Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit for fun and could carry on a conversation, intelligently, on any topic. And there I was, with even less […]

Dang, That Kait Nolan Was Right #ROW80 Update

Overall Goal: Figure out my writing process Goal Pieces: 1. Read more books in my genre. 2. Read more books on craft and apply the lessons to my writing. I’ve tried lists before and like everything else I try for the time, they didn’t go well. Probably because the list I wrote up should only […]

Hey, Quit Hogging All the Hashtags

Kait Nolan touched on this in her awesome Social Media Ennui. This trend of loading up a tweet with tons of hashtags. I nodded in agreement as I read and possibly clapped at my computer screen. Later in the week, I saw a tweet go by about someone’s new blog post. I don’t remember what […]