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How Close Should TV Match The Book?

Over the weekend I read the latest issue of The Walking Dead comic and in the letters column, a fan basically said he wouldn’t be reading the book anymore. He blamed the TV show because to him, they weren’t separate entities. What happened in one, affected the other and the TV show had gone so […]

Horror Author Alex Laybourne Is Here!

Hey, peoples. Alex is here to talk about character building. Not the writing kind (snooze), but the inner kind (yay!). Stayed tuned for details about his debut Highway To Hell. Take it away, Alex! Character Building ‘Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but by how we react to what happens, not […]

A Review of “Nothingness” by Draven Ames

So this is the first review I’m doing on my blog.  It was a total shock to me because Draven ASKED me to do it, meaning he liked my opinions enough to want me to evaluate his work.  Coolness. Nothingness is a creepy short story that starts out mundane enough.  Jennifer and her husband John […]