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The Rut. Population: Me

Steam of consciousness, coming at ya! I’m not sure how I get into these messes, but I have this cycle where I’m really, really motivated, followed by getting lots of stuff done. Then I reach this point where I’m overwhelmed and not sure what to do next. This leads to slipping back into bad habits […]

Moving On #ROW80

Overall Goal: Figure out my writing process Goal Pieces: 1. Read more books in my genre. 2. Read more books on craft and apply the lessons to my writing. And in case you want the full story of why these are my goals, click here. Didn’t get anything done Monday and Tuesday. I started off […]

Fear of Failure. Oh No, It’s Real!

Last Friday was a pretty cruddy day of writing in that I didn’t get any done.  Had nothing to do with available time or goofing off on the internet.  No, friends, I came down with a slight case of Fear of Failure.  Here’s the weird thing; I wasn’t fearing failure from the release of my […]