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Looking Back: A Year(ish) Since I Joined Social Media

We’ve all heard the phrase “Time flies when you’re having fun.” and yes, it’s been a fun year. But even more amazing is how much was packed into this small amount of time. 1. I joined Twitter. I started out with ten followers who were friends I made through blog reading/commenting. As of now, one […]

It’s The Me Blog! Staring Yours Truly

I probably should have been back to blogging by now, but I think I was putting it off. And that’s a weird statement because I really enjoy blogging. I love having an outlet for my thoughts. It’s the coolest feeling to have someone take the time read and/or add to a topic I wrote about. […]

Well Here’s a #ROW80 Update I Hadn’t Planned On

I wrote a few hundred words one day during my week off the blog. Life kind of blew up all over me. We’re very shorthanded at work and with no new hires permitted, any time someone leaves, the rest of us pick up the slack. It makes for ten to twelve hours days and a […]

I Beg Of You, Please Have RSS and Email Options For Your Blog

So, the other day I’m reading one of my regular blogs and I came across a new commenter. Looked interesting. I clicked over to the blog. A quick scan of articles was promising. Okay, let me just add this to my RSS feed for later reading. Hey where’s the RSS? After all that, I can’t […]

I Sort of Know Where This is Going

You know that feeling, whether you’re a plotter or a pantser, where you’ve started work on a story and you kind of know where it’s going? That’s how I’ve been feeling about my blog. I started blogging almost five months ago and this post will be number seventy-one. In the past few weeks there have […]