The Next Big Thing (What’s it Called?)

My buddy, Kait, tagged me in this ten question meme about my current work in progress. Normally, I never have answers for these things, but for this one, I had stuff to say! What is the title of your book? Don’t have one yet. I’ll probably take suggestions from my buddies when I finish writing […]

Your Mom Was Right About Honesty

Your mom or whoever told you honesty is the best policy. My last blog surprised me with the response. I wanted to write something since I hadn’t in a while (Something I’m trying really hard not to do) and my social media blah was on my mind. So, I wrote my mind, hit publish and […]

The Power of Done and the Danger of Somethings

Last Monday was a pretty awesome evening. I plotted out the final scene for the next story I plan to write. In the year since the hard truth, I’ve tried to put everything I’ve learned about story structure into this one and I’m quite happy with the results. I daydreamed all day yesterday about the […]

Surprises While Plotting

I’ve been having a lot fun plotting my latest idea and I think I’m around the halfway part of it or the mid-point. As defined by Larry Brooks, author of Story Engineering: New information that enters the story squarely in the middle of it, that changes the contextual experience and understanding of either the reader, […]

Write More, Market Less: The Proof

I read an article with a bunch of self-publishing stats last night. To me, it was a lot of common sense stuff, but if they only decided to print this part, its all any writer needs to know. The Top Earners group spent more time writing than they did marketing, and those in the group […]

The Fantastic Adventure

I’m thinking, by now, everyone’s read or heard about that New York Times article proclaiming that publishing one book a year is slacking. With digital books are so easy to publish and tons more forms of entertainment to entice consumers, releasing more books seems to be the answer. I don’t get this logic. I think […]

Describing Things The Way My Brain Processes an Image

Setting is hard for me to write. It’s always the point where I slow to a slug’s pace. I think the main reason for this is when I read, I never give the setting my full attention. Just give me the basics so I can concentrate on the dialogue and character arc. Not surprising, dialogue […]