Read, Enjoy, Quietly Move On

I really do want to journal once a week, but some weeks I have nothing to say. It’s weird because I always have things on my mind, but they don’t always come together in a coherent way. I seem to hit these dry spells periodically. Blog, blog, blog, then . . . nothing. I kind […]

Sharks Are People Too

Last week was the holiday also known as Shark Week. It’s an annual week of shows on Discovery channel devoted to the greatness of sharks. According to their Twitter account, they’ve been jawesome since 1988. This is an obvious nod to the movie Jaws and I find it amazing that over thirty years since it […]

I Worked 13 Hours Yesterday #ROW80

Sorry guys, I’m just too tired to write anything remotely interesting. I’ll see you all on Wednesday.

And I’m Back, But Not Here

My first day back on the internet! Some week. More on how that went on Wednesday’s ROW80 update. Today I’m leaving some writerly inspiration on the ROW80 blog about deadlines. See you there! Update: This came up after I scheduled this post and I decided to throw it in here. Fellow writer and awesome lady […]

Something Good Happened #ROW80 Update

My Goal: 1 hour, but minimum 30min of writing fiction during workdays and 2 hours any day I’m not working. I’ll tell you how the rest of the week went, but first I want to talk about yesterday.  A buddy of mine needed help moving, so after work I did that along with some other […]