Reboot, Shmeboot, Go See The Amazing Spider-Man

Yesterday, my wife and I saw The Amazing Spider-Man and we both agreed with its awesome. It’s another origin story and follows the main beats of the Spider-Man origin: Raised by aunt and uncle. Bit by a radioactive spider. Uncle killed due to Peter Parker’s negligence, teaching him with great power, comes great responsibility. Peter […]

Green Lantern Can’t Be Gay, But Batwoman Can?

An article went by my Twitter stream the other day about Green Lantern being revealed as gay in the second issue of Earth 2. Earth 2 is a DC comic set in an alternate universe, where the writers get to create a completely different mythology with iconic characters. It’s a great “what if” concept to […]

A Boy and His T-Rex

I love reading. Always have and one day, when I have my own kids, I want to introduce them to reading too. With all the comics I have, they seem like the obvious choice to get said kids reading, but many of them ARE NOT for kids. Maybe preteens, but that’s the limit. I don’t […]

Comic Books: Love Series Part 2

My earliest comic book memory was buying them with my Grandmother as a preteen.  It was our monthly ritual.  We’d walk to the barber and after my haircut, she bought me some comics.  And how cool was she, she’d get me Dark Horse comics!  Definitely more grownup than the majority of titles from Marvel or […]

Having It Both Ways With No Ordinary Family

Last week I did a post about the new NBC show, The Cape and part of it focused on The Cape’s connection to his son.  While not great, that familial bonding type stuff is my sweet spot and always sucks me in.  The next day I read the female point of view from Susan Bischoff, […]