Luck vs. Good Timing

The other day I read a guest post by Zoe Winters on The Creative Penn that talked about why indie author success isn’t based on luck.  It got me thinking why that word gets tossed around so much. I guess it’s because not many people think writing is hard work.  When a marathon runner wins […]

Collateral: A Zero to Hero Lesson

When I think about Tom Cruise movies, Top Gun, Jerry Macguire and Rain Man come to mind.  These are all kick ass, but the one that has stuck with me the most is a movie called Collateral.  Tom Cruise is the villain in this one and I’m always into movies where the actor plays a […]

Newb With a Dream

Originally this post was going to be called N00b With a Dream.  I thought it was a cool title.  The spelling was kind of funky and I figured it might entice a reader to check me out.  Since newb and n00b were the same words why not go for the more interesting one? I got […]