The Post No One (Including Me) Thought Would Ever Happen

Hi there. If I’m still on your email list, it was probably a surprise to see my blog show up in your inbox. Thanks for your unfailing support! (Or for forgetting to unsubscribe. Either way . . . WIN!) I’m just as surprised to be writing a post. So, hey . . . I feel […]

Adventures in Tree Trimming

This time last year, I was about to start a secondĀ  job. Thirty-five extra hours, which was as close to full-time as I could get without actually calling it full-time. I had one day off a week and after a few days working both jobs, that day was strictly for rest. As a consequence, I […]

The Opinion On Everything Age

This morning I read an interesting observation on Facebook from Lisa Nowak. She’s noticed a big decline in presidential signs/bumper stickers in her hometown and every response cited the same two reasons for this: No one’s mind is ever changed because of them and they invite trouble. I agreed with everyone and don’t think this […]

Thanks, Resident Evil

Had a nice response from yesterday’s post about my writing slump. In the comments, Lauralynn suggested I might not want to finish writing this particular story bad enough, which is a fair assumption based on my situation. It got me thinking about writing as a whole. Is it something I really, really, really want to […]

When “Just Do It” Isn’t The Advice You Want To Hear

I’ve sort of drifted into this weird limbo of not getting much writing done. I still really love the story, but I think I’m psyching myself out into doubting my abilities. Can’t put my finger on where this is coming from. The feedback from what I’ve written so far has been good and the next […]