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The Post No One (Including Me) Thought Would Ever Happen

Hi there. If I’m still on your email list, it was probably a surprise to see my blog show up in your inbox. Thanks for your unfailing support! (Or for forgetting to unsubscribe. Either way . . . WIN!) I’m just as surprised to be writing a post. So, hey . . . I feel […]

No More Stupid Words

This’ll be my last blog for the foreseeable future. Two reasons for this. 1. Time Seems like I’m at an all time low on free time, which may or may not be true. Could be that changes in my life over the years have altered how I use my free time. Same amount of free […]

Finding Hope in the Face of Hate

I have to admit, when I started seeing news reports about the Boston Marathon bombings, I felt all the common emotions: anger, sadness, fear. But they were dulled. Like I expect these things¬†will happen. It’s a depressing outlook, especially when I think about the influence of hate. I’m sure there were people watching the news […]

Read, Enjoy, Quietly Move On

I really do want to journal once a week, but some weeks I have nothing to say. It’s weird because I always have things on my mind, but they don’t always come together in a coherent way. I seem to hit these dry spells periodically. Blog, blog, blog, then . . . nothing. I kind […]

I’m Speechless About Why I’m Always Speechless

I’ve got issues with my smarts in that I feel I’m lacking them. It’s not that I think I’m dumb, but I don’t think I have all that much knowledge. It’s one of the factors that makes me uncomfortable when I meet new people. Everyone in the conversation (All people meeting for the first time) […]