Read, Enjoy, Quietly Move On

I really do want to journal once a week, but some weeks I have nothing to say. It’s weird because I always have things on my mind, but they don’t always come together in a coherent way. I seem to hit these dry spells periodically. Blog, blog, blog, then . . . nothing. I kind of feel like this is a symptom of my introversion because in real life there are days when I have lots to say and other days when I don’t. I’m fine with that in terms of my blogging because I’m not actively trying to build a following.

This change in blogging attitude is probably another reason weeks can go by without me having anything to say. I used to be focused on pop culture topics and for a while, I was on a pretty good system of two topics a week. But that’s not where my head is anymore. There’s so many people talking pop culture that I’d be better off getting a job with one of them if that’s what I really wanted to write about. Now I prefer talking about me and what’s on my mind.

According to my stats, this blog isn’t found much by new people. On top of that, email subscribers can read a full post without clicking to the site. So I have no clue who reads this blog, who likes it, who doesn’t. It’s like shouting into a void of nothing. I like that. I like that someone might read a post, enjoy it, and move on without me knowing. Maybe that person comes back or maybe the one post was all he needed. Maybe he’s a big fan, but isn’t the type to comment. I can relate. I read plenty of articles without commenting because I’ve got nothing to add. But the idea that people are passing through the Internet and might be affected by something I wrote is pretty cool.

5 comments on “Read, Enjoy, Quietly Move On

  1. I always enjoy you. I read every post.
    ~Fandrew #1

  2. That whole concept of shouting out into the void is one that I first saw/heard in You’ve Got Mail, and it’s always been appealing. That’s really what I think about when I blog, and I find it really works for me 🙂

  3. Sitting here at the hospital, I haven’t felt much like commenting on blogs. I’ve been reading them and keeping the emails in hope that I will feel like interacting later. But I had to comment on this one. You mentioned that the stats show you aren’t getting too many new readers. I can tell you why. You just don’t blog enough or comment often. I know it’s hard when you don’t have a lot to say. Lately, I’ve been getting more and more followers. I have some that have never commented once, but they always click “like”. I think the only way to get followers is to just keep interacting with people. That’s hard to do for most introverts. But I will say that I always read your posts. And I think I’ve always commented. I find your posts great reading no matter what topic you choose. 🙂

    • I know that’s why my traffic’s low. I don’t mind, but even if I did, there’s not much I can do about it. It’s takes me a while to write a post and if I used more free time to up my blogging, I wouldn’t be able to write. Maybe if I devoted all my free time to writing and blogging, I could blog more, but that wouldn’t make me happy. I’m very content working on my writing more and having a semi weekly blog.

      The only downside is not having time to comment. I read a decent amount of blogs, but I usually just have time to read and move on. That’s sort of what I was thinking about when I wrote this post. Those readers who enjoy blogs, but don’t always interact for whatever reason.

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