Thanks, Resident Evil

Had a nice response from yesterday’s post about my writing slump. In the comments, Lauralynn suggested I might not want to finish writing this particular story bad enough, which is a fair assumption based on my situation. It got me thinking about writing as a whole. Is it something I really, really, really want to do? Or is it something fun, like a hobby? Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is more than a hobby to me and I have Resident Evil to thank for it.

Yesterday, I watched Resident Evil Afterlife, the fourth movie of the franchise. They’re fun action movies that don’t require much thought. You just sit back and watch Milla Jovovich make things go boom. So, as I’m watching this one (definitely the best sequel) I found myself pulling the story apart and putting it back together the way I’d write it. Right off the bat, I envisioned the story broken into two movies because the opening action sequence seemed more like a final battle with the big boss. I started thinking about what the story before it would be like. For the rest of the movie, AKA Part Two of Andrew’s Zombie Epic, I thought about ways I’d develop the characters more because I liked them a lot and wanted to learn more than what the movie provided.

All my ideas were still hanging around in my head long after the movie was over. I think that means something about really, really, really wanting to write. I know everyone’s got an opinion on movies, but I think most people complain about what they didn’t like without having alternatives. And if they do have alternatives, it’s not something that’s on their mind very long. I think that’s where writers and everyone else differ. Those ideas don’t go away and, in some cases, become the seed of a brand new story. And it’s not enough to tell a few friends how it’ll go, the writer wants EVERYONE to know. And that’s still not the end of it because the writer is so pleased with his awesome, he believes people will PAY to read his story.

That’s me. Not just some random asshole with an opinion. I’m a special kind of asshole. How do you like them apples?

3 comments on “Thanks, Resident Evil

  1. I LIKE them apples. 🙂 It sounds like a REAL writer was watching that movie.

  2. I agree with Lauralynn–I like them apples. You and she are right. It is what writers do, with a near compulsion. 🙂 *waves pom-poms*

    Your earlier post and Lauralynn’s advice made me squirm. The question of being hungry enough ran on a subchannel of my mind all day. This post solved my squirming. Thank you, with a nod to Resident Evil.

    Your reaction to the movie set off a lightbulb in my head, because it explains, in part, the rise of fanfiction. I know most writers wince at fanfiction, but the motivation is interesting. Someone finds a character or a world speaking to them so loudly they must write a continuation or a revision.

    A similar revelation to yours with Resident Evil brought me out of hiding to proclaim myself a writer. I revised to my own satisfaction a movie that intrigued me with potential, but blew it completely in execution. The screenplay will never see the light of day, but it proved my motivation.

  3. Those seem like mighty good apples to me as well. 🙂

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