Do You Care If a Book Is a Kindle Bestseller?

Random thought today. Been seeing a lot of books published with Kindle bestseller on the cover. A LOT. To me, Kindle bestseller means the general Kindle 100. But there are so many subcategories, it’s entirely possible to be a bestseller in something as soon as your book comes out. But that’s never on the cover. Just bestseller.

This kind of truth stretching isn’t limited to books, either. This morning, I saw a promo for Revolution and the 29 MILLION people who tuned in. They don’t tell you that’s the cumulative amount of viewers over the course of multiple airings. They make it sound like that many people tuned in for one night.

But back to my point.

I’ve seen enough of this stuff in books that I gloss right over any mention of bestseller. And that really sucks because it would be cool to have “Kindle Bestseller” on a book, but it’s gotten so diluted, it seems kind of meaningless. On the other hand, it could be a good thing because it forces a book to be good on it’s own merits. And if it gets on the coveted list, it earned it’s place there.

But I have zero books published, so maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. Thoughts?

6 comments on “Do You Care If a Book Is a Kindle Bestseller?

  1. I’m totally with you. If it breaks the top 100 OVERALL then I think it merits bestseller status, but category…no. All of my books have, at one time or another, been category best sellers. Sometimes more than one category at once. I have never claimed best seller status on any of them because it seems disingenuous and misleading. And because so many people seem to tout this, it seems to dilute the meaning of best seller such that it’s just another word.

  2. I care not if a book is a “Kindle best seller”. Who knows what that means? I had one book get to 134 in the Kindle store, and that’s close to breaking the top 100. I’ve been #1 in categories (for a short time). But I never even considered putting “best seller” on the book. I always look with a suspicious eye at that claim. In fact, I like to read books that AREN’T best sellers, hoping my purchase can help those who aren’t selling as well. I’ve found some really good books among those that don’t have a great ranking.

  3. I think the one book I’ve read so far that had “Kindle Bestseller” on the cover was easily one of the worst books I’ve ever read. So, yeah, that probably shows well how much I think about the claim….

  4. I’ve had a similar experience to the commenter above. My reading group picked up a really popular indie book to read and it was awful. I don’t think the cover said best seller, but it definitely was.

    I skim over claims of “best seller”. It means nothing to me. When I pick a book to read, it’s because it’s interesting to me, not because it was liked by a lot of people.

  5. It reminds me of every movie and new TV show. #1 movie or #1 New Comedy or drama or whatever. If everything becomes the best, the best becomes average.
    I don’t look at stats, my own or others. I look at the story and if it interests me.

  6. Well, It’s quite nice to read we all share the same thinking on bestseller status. I can only hope this means the majority of the reading population feels the same and a book lives or dies by people liking or not liking it. That’s the way it should be.

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