Reboot, Shmeboot, Go See The Amazing Spider-Man

Yesterday, my wife and I saw The Amazing Spider-Man and we both agreed with its awesome. It’s another origin story and follows the main beats of the Spider-Man origin:

Raised by aunt and uncle.

Bit by a radioactive spider.

Uncle killed due to Peter Parker’s negligence, teaching him with great power, comes great responsibility.

Peter Parker becomes the greatest superhero EVER. Yes, a thousand percent better than even Iron Man.

So, you might be thinking that the first act of the movie would be really boring, but it takes that simple formula and expands on it especially after Peter is bitten. The Amazing Spider-Man goes more into what Peter does with his new powers. We see him make mistakes and even show-off, which was a nice build-up to the first major action sequence. By the end of it, Peter Parker is not just some nudnik with superpowers. He’s a hero. Oh, the joy of character arc. It gives me the warm fuzzies.

None of this would be possible without Andrew Garfield. If you were one of those who thought Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker was too whiny, then you’ll be mighty happy with Garfield. He still plays Peter as an awkward outsider, but this Peter is okay with that. He’s got spunk and there are hints of a hero just waiting to come out. Of course, no one sees this. Except for Gwen Stacy.

Every scene Emma Stone has with Garfield is full of such chemistry, you might find yourself thinking, Mary Jane who? And this Gwen Stacy is not just the damsel for Spidey to save. I predict the gals in the audience will really like Gwen.

*Spoiler alert ONLY if you don’t want to know what’s happened in the comics. This has nothing to do with the movie.*

I’m a little worried about Gwen because in the comics she’s thrown off the Brooklyn Bridge by the Green Goblin. You might remember this scene from the first Spider-Man movie, only Mary Jane was the gal in peril. Since this new Spider-Man franchise seems to want to blaze its own trail, I don’t see it happening just like that, but she could still be killed. And that would suck because I really like Gwen. I’d be perfectly happy to see her have the HEA with Peter. The next trilogy can bring back MJ.

*End of Spoiler.*

Spider-Man needed a worthy villain to fight and good on the writers for picking a different one. I’m looking at you Superman.

I always hoped the Lizard would make an appearance in the other movies, since Curt Connors (Lizard alter ego) was in them all.

Better late than never.

As with Spider-Man, they used the main beats of the Lizard’s origin and then made adjustments to tie his and Spider-Man’s directly together. Stakes raised! More depth to character arc! Winning!

Is this the best Spidey yet? My wife thinks so, but I prefer not to compare them. When I watch the Sam Raimi versions, I get the pages of the comics brought to life. I love having that. The new movie is going in a different direction, which is very much like having a new creative team taking over a comic series. A new artist will give the character a different look and the new writer will put his own stamp on the character. And even though the new story should connect the previous one, there’s nothing from that one you need to know. So, the best way to enjoy The Amazing Spider-Man is to forget that three movies came before it. Just be glad that Spidey is back on the screen.

12 comments on “Reboot, Shmeboot, Go See The Amazing Spider-Man

  1. I’m glad you did this post. I wasn’t sure if this was a sequel, a prequel, or another movie altogether. So they did kind of like they did with the Hulk, and just made a totally different movie. Oh, and they did that with Batman, too, didn’t they? A totally different series done by totally different people. Hubby wasn’t really interested in seeing it, but if it has your stamp of approval, it’s probably really good. Because you know your comics!

    • Yeah, reboot has gotten a really bad name with movies. For the most part, they’re not a good idea, but with superheroes, you’re going because of the hero. At some point, they’ll all be replaced. Even Robert Downey Jr. I think these franchises will be like 007. Every ten years or so, someone new will take the reins. And that’s not a bad thing.

  2. I was intrigued by the trailers but now I’m super interested. I loved the SpiderMan cartoon from the 60s. It sounds like this Spiderman may be more like that. I’m looking forward to check it out.

  3. I was never a big Spidey fan and the previous movies didn’t really do much for me. In fact, I’m not sure I ever got around to the third one. Now, when the trailer for this one showed up, my husband was like, what? Again? We’re so not seeing that. But I was intrigued because the only time I ever really liked Spider Man (besides when we met him in the gift shop at Universal Studios and he spent so much time charming my little girl) was his origin in Ultimate Spider Man. And that was mainly because I loved the snarky feel of Bendis’s dialogue. That’s the feel I got from watching the trailer. Would you say that feeling plays out in the movie?

  4. Non-biased answer: The Hulk can and always will be capable of defeating and or smashing Spider-Man. However Spidey has yet to be defeated, and has outsmarted him numerous times due to the Green Goliath’s child-like mentality. When Peter Parker temporarily gained cosmic powers he defeated Grey Hulk easily and almost instantly. Every other fight has been cut short or usually involved Hulk reverting to his alter ego Bruce Banner or another hero/villain intervening, so really either one can defeat the other depending only upon which Hulk Spidey fights. Unless its World War Hulk, who defeated the entire Marvel U.
    Definately Hulk. Spiderman just swings around all day wearing spandex. The Hulk can just pick up a bus and squash him.

    So in summary, keep your puny blog to yourself. DON’T MAKE ME ANGRY, YOU WON’T LIKE ME WHEN I’M ANGRY MR. MOCETE!!!!

  5. @Sonia- I never saw the 60s show, but I’d say the Raimi Spider-Mans have the more classic feel. This one seemed more modern. Still an awesome movie.

    @Susan- Not a big Spidey fan? Say it ain’t so, Lady-Twin!

    I guess there’s a Bend-y-nis to it. Mostly when the regular folk are talking. The movies still haven’t found a way to bring that into the action. I suppose it’s easier to have Spidey be snarky as a drawing than a moving figure.

    That being said, the origin reminded me of the one in Ultimate Spider-Man and the first Venom story arc. And while this movie deals with how Peter becomes Spider-Man, it’s clear that there will more to Peter’s origin in the sequel(s).

    @Liz & Bill- Good points, but don’t forget, Spider-Man knows the Hulk is really Bruce Banner. He’d never hurt him to the point of being fatal and with his spider sense, it’d be pretty hard for Hulk to squash him. But even in that scenario, Hulk is still stronger, so Spidey would figure out a way to change him back to Banner. Game over after that.

  6. The Lizard is actually one of my favorite villains in the comic books so even though I was nervous about a reboot so close to the last one, I felt confident in their choice of villain. Glad to hear they excelled on other parts as well!

    And I love Tobey but he wasn’t good at playing the comedy angle – Spiderman isn’t just a nerd, he’s witty as heck, and the last few movies seemed to forget that.

    • I hope they can figure out a way to get more wit into the action scenes. The snarky things Spider-Man says when he’s fighting are a big part of the character. And the Lizard is my favorite too.

  7. Ooo, fun! I popped over here after your comment at *my* Spider-Man post. LOL!

    Yes, I agree with you on your points. We thought the scenes with him dealing with his new powers (toothpaste!) were hysterical. And Gwen is awesome. I adore Dunst, but MJ never worked for me. I hated that they made her the damsel in distress in the first movie and that they turned Peter’s feelings for her into a weakness with the whole choice thing. Hate. That. Trope. *ahem* Anyway, yes, we enjoyed this one so much more. 🙂

    • I didn’t mind so much that MJ was the damsel in distress because I thought the Raimi trilogy represented the classic stories (tropes and all) pretty well. It’s definitely made me more receptive to the new version because I can always go back to the classics when I’m in the mood.

      Once the new trilogy or series runs it’s course, I think it’ll be able to stand next to the Raimi movies as an equal. And new fans, who never saw either version, will watch them and not have the bias of which one came out first. They can decide on the better movies (unless they love ’em all!) based solely on the story. That’s the way it should be.

      • I agree. Everyone right now is so focused on the comparison aspect, but years from now they’ll all be judged on their own, not which one came first. 🙂

        • ” I hated that they made her the damsel in distress in the first movie and that they turned Peter’s feelings for her into a weakness with the whole choice thing. Hate. That. Trope.”
          Amen, sister.

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