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Stupid Word Love: Volume 5

I’m not the only one writing stupid words. There’s tons! Way more than any mortal mind can consume, so I present the best of the best.

Have you heard about the changes with Facebook fan pages? If not or if you find it confusing, check out Can Facebook Hold Your Fan Page Hostage by Kristen Lamb. She makes the whole situation very easy to understand and has some ideas on what you (the little guy) can do about it.

I loved last weeks Friday inspiration by Amber West. LOVED. It’s called Expand and is all about the dangers of staying in our comfort zones despite how comfy they are.

Here’s an inspirational story from the NY Daily News about a homeless girl who worked as the janitor of her high school, WHILE SHE ATTENDED. And that’s not the inspirational part. She got into Harvard. Go. Read. Be inspired.

Scholastic created a free reading timer app for all the little summer readers. The kids can have a personal profile to track their reading and log in their times which could earn them prizes. There’s also a reading list going from age three to twelve with ideas for any taste.

For the Walking Dead fans, here’s an alternate idea for a pivotal scene in season two. There were a few, so that should vague it up for anyone who isn’t caught up.

On Rachelle Gardner’s blog we have a guest post by Jane Friedman called How to Influence Editors. This isn’t about pitch tactics or query writing tips, it’s more about remembering that editors are people too. Understanding what motivates them can go a long way when it does come time to pitch.

It’s almost time for the release of The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls by the excellent Claire Legrand. How about a preview of the ENTIRE FIRST CHAPTER? Coming right up!

Missed a Stupid Word? It happens, even to the best of us, but FEAR NOT! Because at the top of this page is a tab that magically brings all the Stupid Word Love to you in a nice, neat little package.

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