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Stupid Word Love: Volume 4

I’m not the only one writing stupid words. There’s tons! Way more than any mortal mind can consume, so I present the best of the best.

Should some topics be off limits on a blog? E.L. Farris delves into this in My Thoughts on Love and Marriage Vows. It’s quite beautiful.

India Drummond goes through, in detail, how she found her editor in Hiring a Freelance Editor. She did it all through social media and I was impressed with how thorough she was in vetting all the possibilities. Her method could easily be used to find a cover artist, agent or any other professional.

Newly published author, Myke Cole, has got the 18 Rules I Learned in my 1st Year as a Full Time Author. Definitely makes it sound more possible than ever to be published.

Wendy, at the Midnight Garden, is breaking the silence on The Selection debacle. It’s the whole story of, for lack of a better term, the shitstorm that befell her over a negative book review. I’ve never heard of her before this post, but now I’ll be following her reviews. Anyone who stands by their convictions and can defend what they’ve said without resorting to name calling and other petty nonsense gets a big thumbs up in my book.

Anyone with an Xbox 360 who’s always wished to be able to play games AND stream from amazon needs to wish no further. Amazon Instant Video Arrives on Xbox 360 with Exclusive Features via Hardware Lust.

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, photos from the set of Iron Man 3! And not just any photos. These are photos of Tony Stark’s latest villain.

Missed a Stupid Word? It happens, even to the best of us, but FEAR NOT! Because at the top of this page is a tab that magically brings all the Stupid Word Love to you in a nice, neat little package.

One comment on “Stupid Word Love: Volume 4

  1. Thank you so much for the kind mention!!!

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