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Stupid Word Love: Volume 3

I’m not the only one writing stupid words. There’s tons! Way more than any mortal mind can consume, so I present the best of the best.

I’ll start things off with an excellent post by Michelle Davidson Argyle, What Blogging Has Become. She talks about where blogging is going and what she thinks the purpose of one is. Her thoughts are totally in sync with what I want to do with this blog.

In Labels: Writer vs. Author, Zoe Winters makes a clear distinction of what writer and author means and which one she thinks we should strive for.

I found a new tech site, Hardware Lust, and read TWO awesome articles. The first, Running Burns Calories and . . . Charges Your Phone?, is about a gadget in development that stores energy while you run. Energy you can use to charge your phone! Very interesting. The other, Twitter Now Offering Tailored Suggestions For Who To Follow, explains a new system Twitter has for finding like minded people to follow. Definitely sounds better than the seemingly random system they’ve got going now.

I figure most people have seen The Avengers by now, so from The Editing Room via Cracked I bring you, If The Avengers Was 10 Times Shorter and 100 Times More Honest. For those against laughing their heads off, skip this one.

Next, I’ve got an older post from Susan Bischoff you should check out called Are You a Darcy? Susan’s not blogging much these days and this post gets into why that is. Part of the reason is her desire to “amaze the whole room” and those feelings go all the way back to her days in school. The fact that this post is months old should tell you the importance I see in it. It’s also my transparent way of encouraging Susan to blog more. I chat with her all the time and a lot of her opinions in those conversations would make great post topics.

And last Stupid Words for this week is from James Scott Bell via Writer’s Digest, Oh, You Can’t Learn to Write Fiction? Really? It sets the record straight on the myths of writing fiction.

Missed a Stupid Word? It happens, even to the best of us, but FEAR NOT! Because at the top of this page is a tab that magically brings all the Stupid Word Love to you in a nice, neat little package.

One comment on “Stupid Word Love: Volume 3

  1. Thanks for the links, once again, Andrew. And I agree with you about Susan. She has so many interesting things to say…I wish she would get on her blog and say them! She’s just full of awesome.

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