Stupid Word Love: Volume 2

I’m not the only one writing stupid words. There’s tons! Way more than any mortal mind can consume, so I present the best of the best.

Last week, Time magazine’s cover story made the internet blow up and Amber West’s, Motherhood: It’s Not a Competition was exactly the right response. It’s particularly good because it goes beyond the trials of motherhood with a message of not letting emotion pit us against each other.

Even though mother’s day is over, you guys should all read Mothers Are Born of Children by Piper Bayard. Only a mother could write a beautiful tribute like this.

Ellie Ann gets motherly on Bella Swan’s ass in Advice for Bella Swan. My favorite: Don’t kiss a guy you love in front of the other guy you love. It makes you all douchebags.

Via Jami Gold tweet, here’s an awesome post on The Book Smugglers, A Non-Book Smuggler Survey: The Results. Book smuggler, Thea, surveyed bloggers, readers and authors for her market research thesis. She covered topics like ebook pricing, ebooks vs. physical books, primary place to shop and many, many more. Seriously, she covered a lot and shared the results, complete with colorful graphs and charts. It’s also important to note that the majority of her responses (919 total) came from readers.

Who’s up for story deconstruction? Then click on over to Story Fix where Deconstructing The Hunger Games is under way. I’m a big fan of this site and blogger, Larry Brooks’ book, Story Engineering. If you’ve never heard of his blog or book, then this is a great series to jump into. Larry takes apart The Hunger Games and explains, not how to write a book like Suzanne Collins, but what the universal elements were in her book that made it so awesome.

Via Amber West tweet, 9 Problems With Being an Artist by Yuri Baranovsky is awesome not only because I identified with all the problems, but each problem comes with a great solution. If that wasn’t enough, one the problems is titled Success Judged By Other, Dumber People. Nice.

Sick of The Avengers yet? I’m not, and since this is my blog, THAT’S what counts. The A.V. Club’s Why The Avengers is the Best TV Show in Movie Theaters is a very interesting take on why the movie’s been so successful. It goes into the story arc structure of TV and also mentions the J.J. Abrams Star Trek as another example.

Missed a Stupid Word? It happens, even to the best of us, but FEAR NOT! Because at the top of this page is a tab that magically brings all the Stupid Word Love to you in a nice, neat little package.

3 comments on “Stupid Word Love: Volume 2

  1. Thanks for supporting Moms who just want to stop the madness, Mr. Mocete. (woo! alliteration FTW!)

    Also, I am so glad you liked that post by Yuri. I thought it just had too much awesome not to share it with everyone (I even shared the link on my post today as well).

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead!

  2. Thanks so much for the awesome links, Andrew! I loved reading about The Avengers. I just loved that movie. I could go see it again in a heartbeat and enjoy it all over again.

  3. @amber- Yes, I’m definitely against The Madness. You have a great weekend too.

    @LL- I’m glad you liked my picks, thanks!

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