Indie vs. Trad: Which Side Are You?

It’s time to set the record straight. To, once and for all, END this debate.

One side claims its opponent isn’t legitimate and only an option for those incapable of getting a REAL publishing deal.

The other side laughs at this notion. At these dinosaurs and their old ways of thinking.

So, let’s go through both arguments. Analyze the pros, dissect the cons until-

This just in:

Just shut up and write some books. The end.

8 comments on “Indie vs. Trad: Which Side Are You?

  1. Nicely put Andrew. It seems that this debate is taking over the important issue and that is, as you say, the actual writing of books.

  2. I’m just glad there’s more than one option. There should be no haters. Just write, then pick your option. I’m a little tired of it, too. But there’s an evil little part of me that likes to read the debates and laugh. It CAN be entertaining. LOL

    I’m sitting here with a big grin on my face because of your Care-O-Meter. 🙂

  3. Well said, Mr. Mocete, well said.

  4. You go, Andrew! Too many authors out there with really good books that need to be written and shared with the world. Whichever way you want to share them.

  5. @Alex- I’m sure the debate will never end, which is actually fine with me because while everyone fights, I’ll write.

    @LL- Ugh, not for me. As soon as I realize I’m reading yet another entry in The Battle of Who Could Care Less, I’m gone. There are plenty of other fine topics to debate.

    @Anya- Exactly. Who cares how they’re published?

  6. Hee. Well done, Mr. Mocete. 🙂

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