Stupid Word Love Volume 1

I’m not the only one writing stupid words. There’s tons! Way more than any mortal mind can consume, so I present the best of the best.

Snake Pliskken is one of the great badasses of the 80s and Jen Kirchner has declared May, Snake Plissken month. How awesome is she? In my first rec, she tells the origin of Snake Plissken month and what you can expect all month, but if you only have time for one click, Snake Plissken vs. Starbucks part 1, is the post you want. It’s pretty ridiculous fan-fic, which is why I had such a good laugh reading it. While the reading is enhanced if you’ve seen Escape From New York, I think anyone will have a good time with it.

New TV seems to be premiering every other month and my little head can’t keep it all straight. Luckily, Tiffany A. White has done all the work for me with her latest Tele-Tuesday, May Flowers, AKA TV in Bloom. It’s a nice rundown of what’s coming up.

Cracked is an awesome site capable of sucking many hours of your day away with their funny content. While checking Facebook, 14 Photographs That Shatter Your Image of Famous People, immediately caught my eye. With entries like, Teenage Eminem with Alf Shirt and Birthday Cake and Colonel Sanders, Hanging Out with Alice Cooper, it’s quite the read.

Jane Friedman points out a common writerly mistake in It’s OK to Leave Stuff Out. In Fact, It’s Better.

Did you guys know Kait Nolan has a weekly column on Curiosity Quills? It’s all good stuff, but my favorite so far is Why Your Book Isn’t Selling. It’s full of awesome, no nonsense advice in true Kait fashion. Are you relying on one book to make your career? “Who are you, Harper Lee?”

Jami Gold has a knack for getting, as I like to call it, thought provoking on yo ass, and she does it again when she asks, Does Every Scene Need a Goal? Jami goes into great detail about what makes a good scene and sequel (the response to a scene). These are the building blocks of any good story and the relationship between the two is BY FAR the most important lesson I’ve learned.

And finally, because I’m still on an Avengers high, Next Movie’s got Clark Gregg’s Top 5 Avenger’s moments. If you don’t recognize the name, he’s this guy:

and he’s got an interesting take on the best moments.

3 comments on “Stupid Word Love Volume 1

  1. Thanks for the links, Andrew! I was afraid to click on the one about the Avengers because I don’t want to see any spoilers. 🙂

  2. Thanks for including me in your Stupid Word Love Vol 1. I am honored. I’ve read the Snake series and I must agree it’s absolutely brilliant! Now I need to check out a few more of these links…

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