Let’s Put Joss Whedon In Charge of All Entertainment

The title of this post was Kait Nolan‘s reaction after watching The Avengers and it’s something I’ve wished would happen for a long time. It’s probably not the job HE would want, but it is a nice thought to imagine all things entertainment going through him.

So, anyway, back to The Avengers. Friends, this is a movie to be enjoyed at the theater. Even if you’ve got a gigantimous TV with the Bose surround sound, this movie was made for the big screen experience. It is worth the ticket price.

One of the main reasons I loved it was because it was a true team movie. It wasn’t the Iron Man and friends movie or Captain America with special guests, it was a movie about the team. Every member mattered and had a storyline that majorly affected the plot. This is something Whedon is extremely skilled at and it is a skill. Just look at the X-Men movies. Awesome movies, (well, maybe not Last Stand) but focused heavily on Wolverine. If you want to see how Whedon handles the X-Men, check out his run on Astonishing X-Men. It’s available as a standard comic or a motion comic.

Note: If you’ve never seen a motion comic, I recommend giving it a try. It’s way more than just a video version of the comic that someone reads to you. It’s quite thematic and animated very well with the original artwork. The above link will take you to a youtube clip of the first episode.

The other reason The Avengers was so good was because of Whedon’s voice. In a lot of ways, this team mirrors the dysfunctional families in all his previous work and we to get see these different personalities disagree, argue, fight, while getting deep into their heads. When Whedon brings all this conflict together for the big, and it is BIG, climax you realize you were in the hands of a master storyteller from minute one. And it’s not Whedon without the humor that’s never forced, stays true to the characters and is always hysterical.

If you STILL need a reason to see The Avengers:

  • The Hulk is a scene stealer.
  • Black Widow has one of the greatest fight scenes I’ve ever seen.
  • Samuel L. Jackson proves once again how badass he is.
  • I wanted to rewind the third act and watch it all over again.
  • The bonus scene during the credits is the BEST ONE YET.
  • There are more reasons, but I’d rather wrap this up and just see the movie again.

I leave you with a couple of cool articles I came across while I put this post together.

A great Joss Whedon interview from Forbes that covers The Avengers, everything he’s done, what he’s up to next and why he doesn’t tweet.

For those who’ve seen The Avengers or don’t care about spoilers, here’s an explanation of the post-credits scene.

3 comments on “Let’s Put Joss Whedon In Charge of All Entertainment

  1. LOVE that interview with Whedon. And yes, I agree that he’s one of the best entertainers and storytellers of our time. =)

  2. Oh, man, now I want to see this EVEN MORE than I did. I hope we get to do that Saturday. With lots of buttered popcorn. Marvel + Whedon. It can’t go wrong.

  3. @Ellie- I’ve read lots of Whedon interviews and that one really covered a lot. Glad you liked it.

    @LL- Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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