The Avengers Will Make History Other Than The Financial Kind

Today is an important day.

My wife’s birthday was last Friday, but, for scheduling reasons, she put off taking a day from work to today. I also took the day because it’s very rare we get a whole day to spend together. And because she’s the best wife ever, one of her birthday wishes is to see The Avengers.

Besides the obvious reasons, (Superheroes, Joss Whedon, explosions, redheads in wonderfully unrealistic outfits, Joss Whedon and last, but not least, Joss Whedon) I’m excited about what this movie means for future movies. If Spider-Man showed Hollywood that superhero movies were a lucrative form of entertainment, then The Avengers is going to show what you can REALLY do with a franchise.

The only way Marvel could create a movieverse was if they financed it themselves and I give them a lot of credit for taking the risk. If they didn’t, would there have been an Iron Man? Would we have ever known how Robert Downey, Jr was made to play Tony Stark? Probably not. But we did get Iron Man and it was a monster at the box office, which set the bar very high. Now the challenge was to keep the momentum started by Iron Man going all the way through to The Avengers. Plus, incorporate plots within each movie that would build and carryover into the big team-up we now have. If you ask me, they hit a home run with every movie on both points.

So, at this point, The Avengers is a huge success and I’ve read that the road to Avengers 2 is already underway. Iron Man 3 is next, followed by Thor 2 and Captain America 2 with the possibility of a new Hulk movie due to his popularity in The Avengers.

But the Avengers aren’t the only superhero team and Marvel has a lot more characters never seen. The story possibilities are truly endless.

On a different note, I’d love to see this sort of thing happen in the book world.  I know us writers are all pretty focused on our current ideas and the ones we want to get to after those. And let’s not forget the ones we hope to get tobefore we die. I’d love to team up with a few good writers to create a shared universe inhabited by our own characters. Each one would go on exciting adventures and every once in a while their paths would cross for an even bigger adventure. I think that’s worth not getting to some of my ideas for the simple fact that it sounds like FUN.

2 comments on “The Avengers Will Make History Other Than The Financial Kind

  1. I love your idea of a group set of adventures. Because I am a geek, it reminds me of the Arthurian tales, where Perceval runs across Lancelot, and the like. Hmm, that made new shiny ideas blossom in my magpie brain.

    I so want to see the Avengers–enjoy!

  2. I am so dying to see The Avengers! We didn’t get to go last weekend because of my daughter-in-law’s graduation (summa cum laude, I might add). I hope we can get to it this weekend!

    I’ve loved all the movies leading up to The Avengers. Captain American was my least favorite, Iron Man was my favorite. I think they can build on this for quite a while.

    That’s an interesting idea you have about doing the same thing with books. Hmmm.

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