I Showed Up

Last night I worked on a plan to be more organized with my writing career. This was brought on by a culmination of factors. Is that you Universe?

We’ve got my recent move from two jobs to one or The Return of my Free Time.

A recent article by Kristen Lamb talking about the Eat That Frog! method of organizing.

And the last factor was the cool article about Lee Child I read last week.

According to Child, success in anything means you have to show up, which isn’t a new idea. He was quoting Woody Allen and I’m sure Woody Allen didn’t come up with the concept either. It’s been around and just known by successful people forever.

One of the Eat That Frog! organizing tips is the ABCDE method. It’s as simple as it sounds. Anything designated “A” is a must to task. Not getting those tasks done effects everything else you want to do. So, showing up got an immediate “A”. If I don’t show up, words don’t get written, I don’t improve as a writer and stories with my name on the cover never come out.

For twenty minutes this morning, I showed up. Sure I would’ve loved to have continued longer, but I had to get ready for work. I was fine with that because for twenty minutes I wasn’t watching TV or surfing the web, I was doing the most important task for me to achieve my goal. I’m happy, but not satisfied yet. Consistency is a serious problem for me and I won’t be satisfied unless I at least make it a week. But in the spirit of breaking goals into bite sizes, tomorrow is the goal. Show up, tomorrow.

2 comments on “I Showed Up

  1. It’s all about baby steps and getting back on track. Showing up is the first step. That’s kind of what my recent change from word goals to time goals has been about…showing up. It’s so good to see you back online and back to writing. Many of us have missed you. 🙂

  2. […] minimum for my writing sessions, and I’m adding to that a stipulation that I’m going to SHOW UP a la Andrew Mocete.  I’m going to open the WIP and sit my ass down and focus on it, sans internet, sans TV, and […]

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