I Must Become a Post Ripper

Sometimes when Kait and I are chatting about blogging she’ll say something about ripping out a post. She posts almost every single day. Not an easy thing to do in a way that’ll have people coming back for more, but she does it and does it well. She’s got the talent, and it is a talent, to take a thought/point of view and turn it into something very readable and interesting. There are no set categories on her blog unless you call Whatever’s on Kait’s Mind a category. I think it’s pretty damn awesome she can do this. Now, lest you think this is just a pointless bootysmoochingpalooza post, I do have a point.

Last Thursday I wrote a post about Lee Child’s secret to success and the response was quite good. Lots of people stopped by the blog and I got a bunch mentions and compliments.

I spent almost no time writing it.

I read a cool article about Lee Child and was compelled to write. Usually I either spend a few hours writing and rewriting a post or write little bits here and there until I think it’s ready. I go through all this because I don’t want anyone to feel like they’ve had their time wasted here. And, hey, I like it when people leave one of my posts with something positive.

I’m thinking becoming a Post Ripper is something I can learn by doing. If I’m thinking something, I’ll write it. Doesn’t always mean it’ll be post worthy, but who knows what I’ll come up with?

4 comments on “I Must Become a Post Ripper

  1. Personally, I think that’s my secret. MOST of the time, the posts I rip out are posts I feel compelled to write, to respond to something I read or to share something. I try to write posts about stuff I actually FEEL something about and usually those are the posts that get the most response, which is always fun even if I’m totally lousy about responding to all comers. Such as yesterday’s rant about why Bella is a crappy example of the feminine. I usually find those somethings through articles or posts I’m reading that somebody else has posted on Twitter (Twitter seems to be my source for all things interesting these days). Which is not to say I don’t ever struggle to write something everyday. Some days I really do and that’s when you wind up with a mashup of cool stuff I’ve read or a funny youtube video or the latest LOLCat that’s made me giggle. So many people worry about writing valuable content, to make sure that the people who read it aren’t wasting their time. Which is a noble sentiment, but sometimes makes bloggers shoot themselves in the foot with overthinking. Because in the end, it’s not about selling content, it’s about selling you. As you noted above, there’s not usually a consistent theme on my blog beyond what’s on my mind. And I think that’s what makes it easier for me to rip something out every day than most people can. Because I don’t actually blog for others. I blog for me. It’s generally the first thing I write every day–kind of like my morning pages. I think if bloggers started to blog more for themselves (presuming they actaully ENJOY blogging–I do), they might have an easier time of it.

    • I’m definitely less concerned with what topics I write about now. Mostly, I just make sure whatever I’m writing has a clear point of view. Not because of who it might attract, but because it’s what I like in a post. I’ve read plenty that went nowhere leaving me scratching my head as to what the point was. It doesn’t have to be deep, but please, have a point I can follow.

      But anyway, I’ve slowly gotten to the whoever reads this blog will read it line of thinking. That’s what made the reaction the Lee Child post so cool. I just wrote it thinking my usual bunch of readers would check it out and that would be that. But to have such a strong response was a nice bonus to something I love to do.

      It’s definitely rip or die all the way for me now.

  2. I’m a ripper. I’ve started using the following formula, which I think I found on problogger recently:
    Identity problem/come up wtih cool headline and/or theme.
    Create an outline as follows:
    set the scene with a related story
    detail the problem
    detail the solution
    explain how to implement said solution

    then you add detail.


    here it is. i haven’t totally implemented it yet, but I think it has potential. Plus it seems super quick. I like to dash off my posts, otherwise I start second guessing every word.

    • Thanks for the article! I can say I’ve never outlined a post. For my blogging, solving problems is not my goal. All I want to provide here is a window into my thoughts/passions. It makes me happy and hopefully is of some value to whoever happens by here. I don’t know if that strategy will bring more traffic like my last post, but it is the easiest and most fun way to blog for me.

      Let me know how the outlining works for your blogging.

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