Today, most people are off from work, but not me and I’m totally okay with that. Why you ask? Because today marks the first day I’m working ONE JOB.

Since December, I’ve worked a minimum of seventy hours a week and most weeks more. I basically had two full time jobs and let me tell you; I don’t recommend it.

For a few years there were rumors at my job ranging anywhere from downsizing the company to closing the whole building. We all held out hope that the rumors weren’t true but, unfortunately, about  year ago, the rumors started to look a lot less like rumors. So, now we had the added stress of wondering everyday if today was going to be The Day. Some people found other jobs rather than wait, but me? I’d been working there for almost a decade and that didn’t happen because no other jobs were available. I liked it there. And I was considered the baby of the department. Everyone else had at least ten years on me, so I wasn’t the only one who thought it was a good place to work.

One of the major reasons we all liked our jobs was our boss. She may not have come out and said definitely what our fates were, (I think she was just as in the dark as us) but she did know the signs. That, she told us. And putting two and two together, it was clear to me I needed a backup plan.

Enter the second job.

I spent four months working A LOT of hours and then about two weeks ago, the official word came that we were losing our jobs. Even though it was what I expected to happen, it still sucked once it was a real thing. But at least I had an end date, which meant I’d finally be able to start the next phase of my life.

I try to look at all experiences, good or bad, as something to learn from. The biggest lesson, fully deserving the boldface treatment, is I have A LOT of time on my hands. I took thirty to thirty-five hours a week of my free time and devoted it to a second job. That’s certainly more than I had accomplished with one job.

So, where do I go from here?

I’d love to list proclamations of productivity awesome, but it’s not going to be that easy. All I’ve discovered is that I HAVE THE TIME. I have the time to do anything I want. And if I can’t reach my goals, it’s my own fault for not taking advantage of what I’ve got. This has probably been the big lesson all along, but, you know, sometimes you need a slap to the face before you get the message. Some other words of wisdom:

Knowing is half the battle.

Unfortunately, the Joes never tell you the other half of the battle is WAY harder. So, starting today, I’m going to attempt a lifestyle change. It’s not the first time I’ve tried, but this time it’s with the added, proven knowledge of having the time to do it. Don’t have any sort of plan of attack, though. I figure I’ll think it over while I get reacquainted with sleep. Here’s to not taking my freedom for granted anymore.

6 comments on “Freedom!

  1. I look forward to the day when I can join you in one job land. Congratulations! Now when you get home, you should take a nice long nap. 😀

  2. Are you going to be able to work a full 40 hours at this job, or will it continue to be 30-35 hours? It might take time to make the changes you want to make and have the discipline to do the things you want to do, but you don’t have to jump into the changes with two feet. Stick your toe in the water and wade in gradually. I’m not really sure whether to tell you I’m sorry you lost your other job or to congratulate you! 🙂 Good luck with everything and keep us posted on what’s going on.

  3. You have such a positive attitude that I feel certain that this transition will bring you into a new and better future. Changes can be hard, but they can be life affirming. Good luck on your new path.

  4. @Kait- Ah, The Nap. How I’ve missed it. We shall get reacquainted.

    @LL- I’m forty hours at the new job. They gave me a break with the thirty to thirty-five because they knew I was working full time at the old one.

    Given the circumstances, this was the best outcome. I never had to be out of work, which was my biggest concern. Congratulate away!

    @Alice- Thanks, Alice.

  5. I am so looking forward to full Andreweekends again. More cowbell ain’t got nothin’ on you.

  6. […] We’ve got my recent move from two jobs to one or The Return of my Free Time. […]

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