Pop That Champagne! I Did Some Writing!

I’m starting to get into these blog-minis. Short and sweet with no definite point except what I’m up to.

Anyway, after getting Friday’s post all set, I decided to open up a new Word document. The big blank page and I stared at each other for a bit while I thought about what to write. I had an idea for a character in my head, but not a shred of plot to go along with it. So, I just picked a situation and dropped him in it to see what would happen.

Oh, the FUN that was had.

It’s been a while since I put myself in a character’s head. To think like him, feel like him and make him do the things I think he’d do. Fun, fun, fun. The writing session was quick and at the end I had a few hundred words and a much clearer idea of what this story could be.

Before you too excited, if this does become a story with a plot and shit, it’ll be a long while before it sees the light of day. For now, it’s my plotless story for my enjoyment. But if I like it enough, I’ll of course want to share.

4 comments on “Pop That Champagne! I Did Some Writing!

  1. Excellent! It’s good to polish your skills and play!

  2. Plotless, pointless writing is the best! It really does help to polish the skills, plus it’s fun. AND there’s no pressure for it to have to become something. You can do it just for yourself and see where it goes.

  3. I’m glad you’re writing again! The more you work those writing muscles, the more “buffed” you’ll be. LOL

  4. Yay! Any excuse to open a bottle of Risque… keep going!

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