Hanging With Tiffany A White Today

I’m guesting at Tiffany’s for Tele-Tuesday today. I’ll be talking about why Person of Interest is waaaaay better than The Mentalist and what I think The Mentalist can do to improve.

5 comments on “Hanging With Tiffany A White Today

  1. Tiffany is a great person to hand out with! 🙂

  2. Hand out. Hang out. I’ll take what I can get. LOL

    Thanks for the fabOoolous Tele-Tuesday guest post, Andrew!

  3. Hi Andrew, I came by to check out your site. As one of your fellow wana1011 classmates, I am making the effort to widen my circle of bloggers. I can see that you are very active in blogging which is awesome and hanging with Tiffany A White IS fabulous! Hope to see you more often Andrew! 🙂

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