A Steady Dose of Kait Nolan Does My Mind Good

Sometimes I feel I’m in PCU.

The movie’s premise is centered around a group of college kids trying to save their frat house from being closed down. They plan to throw a huge party to raise the necessary funds and everyone gets a job to, one of them being to put up flyers. Well, the TWO people assigned to this task barely put up one before declaring it too hard and quit.

That’s me some days. And not just pertaining to writing, to EVERYTHING. I get in these modes where all my brain is telling me is to give up.

Crawl into bed where it’s warm.

Watch more TV, even if it’s not something you really want to watch.

Stare at the wall.

Do ANYTHING except want you really want to do.

And then a new post from Kait pops up in my email. Is it a post loaded with inspirational fire to ignite my drive to succeed? Nope. Just stuff going on in her life and her opinions, but saying “just stuff” downplays the awesome afoot.

The first time I read Kait’s blog, I was shocked at how much stuff she was up to ALL THE TIME. Writing, cooking, exercising, home improvement while she juggles work and whatever else comes up. And she’s not just talking about doing stuff, she’s getting stuff done.

Being around someone like that is good for me. It’s how she earned the title of The Shiznit.

The common thought when I read a post of hers is If I could do something I wanted with a tenth of her energy, I’d be in pretty damn good shape. And it gets me thinking about the how. Does it always lead to doing? No, but having the idea stay in my head is the only hope of it actually happening. And believe me, ideas staying in my head for more than a fly’s lifespan is HUGE.

I think we all benefit from the Kait’s of the world. They don’t specifically come out and tell us This is what you must do and This is how you must do it. They just live their lives and that example is enough to motivate.

Who’s your Kait Nolan?

4 comments on “A Steady Dose of Kait Nolan Does My Mind Good

  1. Who is my Kait Nolan? Kait Nolan! She’s almost like superwoman.

  2. Ooo! Does this mean I get a cape! I totally want a cape! Seriously though, stuff always needs doing, and for me the weight of that, the anxiety the NOT doneness causes is a whole lot worse than just DOING the stuff. That’s it. My only secret.

  3. I loved this, Andrew. And I adore Kait…I am really looking forward to meeting her this May at DFWcon.

    Who is my Kait Nolan? I’d have to go with Amber West. She is one of those people who makes others better. I’m better for knowing her and I count my blessings every day that she is in my life.

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