Me Evolving Again

I haven’t been on wordpress since I posted last Friday, so when I logged on to write something for today, I was pleasantly surprised by my site stats. Ready for the number?


It reminded me of a post I wrote a year ago called Me Evolving about broadening my reading horizons to be a more well-rounded writer. It also received twenty-seven hits and was the first time I felt like people were liking what I wrote about. I had an audience. Now the mission was to make the number go up. I got a little crazy about this.

The craziness payed off for a while, but looking back I really don’t know what I was thinking. Which is not to say I regret what I wrote, just that my focus was way off. Chalk that up to my inexperience.

This blog is my first blog and really my first foray into sharing my thoughts with, well, anyone.  Add to that my desire to build a fanbase for book(s) I figured I’d have out by now and the confusion for what direction to go was mighty. So each post has been a step forward to becoming more comfortable with my blogging. I thought I was pretty comfortable just last summer, but I’m even more so now. Why?

I totally don’t care about my site stats anymore.

I do want people to read and enjoy what I write, but the amount is not important at all. I don’t see myself as that blogger with huge traffic. If it happens, awesome, but I don’t think the direction I’m going in is the kind for mass appeal. That’s cool. The love my little group awesome that stops by to see what I’m thinking about and I love that you always want more.

Thanks guys.

And before I go, I want to mention this awesome post by my buddy Nina Martinez called Walking the Cat On a Leash. It’s a great story about her and her cat that she ties into trying new things in life. I’ve been reading her blog for a while and this is easily one of her best. Definitely check it out. There’s also cute kitty video included.

3 comments on “Me Evolving Again

  1. I used to be a little discouraged about the number of comments I was getting on my posts (other than the ROW80 ones). But then I checked my stats and noticed a LOT more people were looking than were commenting. Some people would tell me later “I saw your post. I would have commented, but I really didn’t know what to say.”

    Keep on blogging when you have time, Andrew. I love hearing from you.

  2. I won’t lie, I get a bit bummed on my posts without comments; but then I realize that I always don’t have time to comment either. We’re all busy, and we all need to focus on our own things.

    That said, you blog when you want and can. You’ll always have me!

  3. Thanks for the shout out. That was even one of my more random posts, haha.

    But good for you! Stats are generally unhelpful and misleading. I think it’s more important to just be happy, and I love your posts. You have a lot to say on comic books, TV, and life in general and that’s what I love to hear most.

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