No Goals for 2012

Goals are the main topic for many of the blogs I follow. Everyone’s got such great plans for 2012 and I wanted to add my own to the mix, but . . . I didn’t have any. Sadness. Rather than not blog, I decided to figure out why that was.

I thought about what I tried to accomplish last year; writing something I could publish. For a lot of reasons that didn’t happen and that was okay because I ended up with renewed and more focused drive toward my goal.

Part of the goal, because I want to publish on my own, is having a social media presence. I went after that too, with gusto, using all the lessons I learned, but somewhere along the way I started pulling back. By the time I got The Second Job, I was practically non-existent. No blogging, no tweeting and even less facebooking than usual.


Well, lately my twitter stream reads like a big ad where something awesome is always happening/being sold on a blog/facebook/amazon. Between that and the clusters of mentions/shout outs, the actual conversations are rare. This could be a by product of following over a thousand people, but facebook isn’t much different and I’ve got slightly more than a hundred and fifty friends.

Besides that, every time I signed on, I felt like I had an assignment to say interesting things, talk with other people and promote myself and others. Just the thought of that made me not want to sign on. Kind of sucked the fun out of being social.

And blogging became a chore at times, not because I disliked writing it, but because I’d have a topic in mind and think, “No, that’s not right for my target audience. No one will want to hear about this.” I still liked what I was writing about, but it wasn’t always my first choice.

I backed off and The Second Job came along which totally cancelled out the majority of my free time and the possibility of jumping back into the virtual world like before. So, what have I been doing with my limited free time? Watching Everwood. Lots and lots of Everwood.

I got the final season as a Christmas gift to add to my collection which prompted a series marathon. I won’t go into the awesome of Everwood (aside from saying you all MUST watch it) because it’s not relevant to this post, but a particular scene jumped out at me.

One of the teens, Ephram Brown, is a piano prodigy trying to get an audition to Julliard and he’s talking about what it’s like to play with his piano teacher. Amidst the endless hours of practice and preparation he’s doing for the audition, it’s the one time all of that goes away. It’s just about piano. Playing the notes, getting into the music for no other reason than it feels good.

Hey, wait a minute. Maybe I do have a goal.

It’s not specific, but I think it still counts. I want to bring the feely goodness back into my writing/social media time. That’s what will keep me going. Not sure how I’ll do it, but it’s a start.

Yay, me.

8 comments on “No Goals for 2012

  1. I’m feeling much the same way about Twitter, and to a lesser degree FB, only because my FB page is in its infancy. I almost never have a chat on Twitter; social media was supposed to be a place where we could express our voices, personality, and everything that would inform our writing. We would thereby interest people in our writing, although I thought that was somewhat secondary to the connection with likeminded folks.

    It’s hard to express a personality in the stream of ads and flogging. I’ve gotten almost as bad as everyone else, only giving the #ROW80 “new blog post” shout out, because I don’t feel I’m giving to, or getting much from the medium.

    If you figure out a better way to approach the whole mare’s nest, I’d love some ideas; I’ll be glad to pass any bright ideas I get along. I like your goal–and best of luck with it. πŸ™‚

  2. Well here’s my two cents.You can’t let yourself get caught up in the crowd and all the insanity about “You must do this in order to x,y,z.” There are classes on social media and lots of conflicting advice for how to blog. I’ve read, listened, and largely just ignored most of it. Because here’s the thing–blogging doesn’t sell books. It sells you. So while it’s all well and good to think about your target audience and to blog about something that tickles their interest, ultimately I firmly believe that doing nothing BUT that is a recipe for burnout and running out of stuff to say. I hear all these people talk about how blogging is hard. Well if you’re limiting your pool of stuff to talk about, sure it is! I tried to revamp my blog, thinking about target audience and what else I could write about and it made me want to freeze and totally took all the fun out of it. So, even though I made the list of 100 topics…I didn’t end up doing it. Because blogging is fun for me, and I’m being selfish. I have yet to see proof of certain methods actually bringing audiences in the thousands and that translating into book sales. So I say BE YOURSELF, write about what interest YOU and make friends. It may be a smaller pool of people, but they will like YOU and be more inclined to SUPPORT you, and one of those kind is worth two dozen of the other.

  3. For those times when you were thinking “I want to blog this, but it’s not my target audience”, you should have just blogged what you wanted to blog. Sometimes I blog about things that may not interest anyone but me. I get few, if any, comments on those blogs sometimes. But my stats show that people are reading them or at least looking. So that means they are getting to know me and what interests me. They might not have a thing to say about the topic, but they’re at least looking at it. So I say be your wonderful self, Andrew. Let people know who you are and what you like and dislike. Like Kait said, the blog is selling YOU.

    Don’t forget, I’ve actually blogged about SHOES. LOL

  4. I know I set many, many goals but beneath all of them one things still remains holding fast – i do what I do for ‘me’ yes it’s nice when people read what I write, like it, comment on it but more than anything (and maybe why they come?) is that I just write about whatever the heck I like, if something inspires, interests or annoys me, I go somewhere or do something ‘I’ find interesting, I write about it.
    Maybe take a leaf out of that book and just write what you like/want – you may be surprised how many people enjoy it! πŸ˜€

  5. I can completely understand, and I support your goal. Agreed with all the above. Your target audience should be people who like you. Personally, I like to hear what you have to say on a variety of topics, not just writing. The best posts are the unexpected ones. You never know what’ll connect with people.

  6. I really agree with Kait’s response – blog about what interests you! I mean, seriously – have you seen my blog? People think I’m insane the amount of TV and movies that I watch – but that’s okay. I like it, and if I help someone out along the way – GREAT! Please don’t blog about things because someone implied that’s what you’re supposed to do. Heck, to be honest, my blog has nothing to do with my book. BUT, I have made some great friends and I’m having a blast doing it.

    I’m just excited to see any amount of Andrew Feely Goodness that I can. Bring it, and I will be there. πŸ™‚

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  8. Apologies for ignoring everyone for so long. I know you understand, but I still wanted to get to you all sooner.

    @Elizabeth- I think the simple fact of approaching Twitter and the like as fun and not an assignment will make a big difference. And without the pressure of trying to be interesting, I’ll just say what I want and let others decide if it’s worthy.

    @Kait- Yes, agree on all fronts. This is my first blog, so I’ve been learning as I go. I always wanted to sell myself with this blog, but my approach was off.

    @LL- Thanks! I’ll try to keep the “wonderful” standard high.

    @Showard- I’m already surprised by the response to this post. Thanks!

    @Nina- Yeah, it’s impossible to know what readers will respond to. Just like books!

    @Tiff- Good point. I’ve never thought about my posts as helpful in that way, but who knows?

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