Some Thoughts On Time

I’ve worked a full week at the second job and the good news is, I think I’ll be able to handle the extra workload without becoming horribly exhausted. The bad news is, on days I work both jobs, I pretty much go to work, then go to work, go home and sleep. So my free time amounts to when I’m driving and my breaks. Cinderella’s Don’t Know What You’ve Got (Till It’s Gone) has been popping up in my head this week.

Even though Tom is talking about losing love, we’re on the same page on how it feels to lose something you took for granted.

Thirty extra hours doesn’t sound like a lot in the grand scheme, but spread out over a week, it’s amazing how much time in your day you’re left with. I don’t get a lot time with my wife, my family or to do much of anything. What was I doing with those thirty hours when I had them to myself? Definitely not using them to the fullest.

Now I think, ahead of time, what I’ll do with my ONE day off and where else there’s free time coming up. And for the first time I’m evaluating how important the things I want to do are because now I’m in a position where I can’t fit it all in.

Eventually I’ll get my time back and when I do, I hope to have uncluttered my day enough to have a better handle on what I can do with it.

Everyone has there own set of goals and responsibilities, so I ask you guys: Are you happy with what you accomplish with your day?

4 comments on “Some Thoughts On Time

  1. Are you happy with what you accomplish with your day he asks. I’m going to try not to do the hysterical laugh/cry thing. I have officially cycled back from the refuse all communication and can’t get off the couch thing to the can’t sleep run around like a maniac can’t concentrate thing where I shouldn’t be allowed communications–or a credit card. But hey, when I find the midpoint again, I’m going to seriously do some stuff. If I can remember what to do. Because I have a lot of thoughts on what to do. Or I did, a minute ago… But anyway, when that happens, you just look out, buddy.

    • And I’ve heard some of this stuff you’re planning. I’ll be honest, some of those IMs have caused me to shudder at what you’ll unleash on the world. They’ll never know what hit em!

      Until then, I’ll do my best to get you off the couch from my couch.

  2. To be honest with you Andrew, I am never happy with what I get done. However, if has no bearing on what I actually have accomplished. I am super hard on myself and always thing I could have done more in everything I have done that day. I should be happy with what I get achieved and I am deep down.

    I agree with you though when you say we don’t take enough time to appreciate the free time we do have, and how much we do just frit away. I don’t mean by watching tv or other such activities but I mean truly waste.

    Good to see you back again and I am glad to hear the new job is manageable.

  3. Am I happy with what I accomplish in my day? Absolutely not! I waste so much time. Sometimes it’s just “I don’t feel like doing anything right now, I want to just sit here and watch TV”. Lately, though, I’m trying to do better.

    I can’t imagine having to work as much as you are right now. I hope you don’t have to do this for long. 😦 I’m glad to see you back, if only for a few minutes to post this. Just because you’re out of sight doesn’t mean you’re out of mind.

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