Quick #ROW80 Update

Overall Goal: Figure out my writing process

Goal Pieces:

1. Read more books in my genre.

2. Read more books on craft and apply the lessons to my writing.

Still making lists and doing better with them, but surprisingly nothing I’ve done the past few days has had to do with writing. It’s surprising because I think by slowly organizing my life I am figuring out my writing process. I’ve got some more to say on this, but I don’t quite have all my thoughts together. I’ll save it for my Thursday non-ROW80 post.

What? A cliffhanger? That’s right.

7 comments on “Quick #ROW80 Update

  1. Oooooh cliffhangers are mean! And a great way to make us all intrigued! lol
    We’ll see tomorrow then πŸ˜‰

  2. It appears your going through a process to determine your process. That’s cool. Good luck, and keep Rocking The ROW. ~clink~

  3. I like cliffhangers. πŸ™‚ Seriously, organizing your life can really make a difference in your writing. When you feel like things are in chaos, your writing can reflect that.

  4. Leaving us on the edge of our seats! Love it. And I’ve been finally reaching the last stages of organizing my office right now, so I can understand how getting all that sorted out sometimes doesn’t translate into as much writing, but I bet if you feel anything like I do about the increased organization, it makes you feel a lot better in the long run!

    And I guess that’s all I’ve got to say since I’ll have to sit around and wait for the rest. ; )

  5. Organizing junk and assorted stuff also organizes your head. Definitely good for writing.

  6. I think everything we do, in one way or another, becomes part of the writing process. May you discover the best process for you.

    Happy Writing.


  7. Thanks everyone. This is my third round of ROW and by far the most productive. Should have some good stuff to report on Sunday.

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