Careful What You Wish For #ROW80 Update

Overall Goal: Figure out my writing process

Goal Pieces:

1. Read more books in my genre.

2. Read more books on craft and apply the lessons to my writing.

So, a lot of you said I should post for every update even if I’m lacking in the progress. Well, you asked for it.

Monday’s an errand day, so I was pretty busy and didn’t do anything with my goals. I did exercise. I’d been kind of slothy for a while so it felt good to grunt and sweat while the lady on TV made me feel like I should be more coordinated.

Tuesday, I exercised again and by the time I showered and washed dishes, my wife was home. And blahbidy, blah, blah, this is the most boring update ever. I’m usually more productive in the second half of the week.

One thing I did notice while not progressing was that most things I do take about a half hour, so I think I’ll start planning what I want to do around half-hour intervals.

Okay, you’re free.

11 comments on “Careful What You Wish For #ROW80 Update

  1. “blahbidy, blah, blah.” *giggles* Thanks for the morning laugh! Folks are right to tell you to post even if the progress is nil. I’m hopping back on the progress train myself. Kudos for the exercise you got in and for the “ah ha” moment figuring out the half-hour intervals. Sometimes figuring out how we work best is the battle. Good luck for the rest of the week!

  2. I’m chiming in with Barbara. It is sometimes half the battle to find out what works. I had a ho-hum beginning to my week, too, sigh.

    Another thing, though, about checking in even when it is “blahbidy, blah, blah,” *giggles along with Barbara* is that everyone knows where you are. That sounds kind of creepy, but I tend to look through the linky to see who’s dropped off. It’s a community that way, and if I don’t see someone out getting the mail or walking their dog, I get concerned, and I don’t think I’m alone.

    Have a great week, putting that nugget of wisdom about the half-hour to work.

  3. Oh, wise words from Elizabeth right up here: “It is sometimes half the battle to find out what works.”
    And we’re only half-way through the week … still time to catch up!
    Good luck!

  4. Ha! We did ask for it and you delivered. Cute post. Hmm, the 30 minute time frame is kind of interesting. Does that mean you’ll be scheduling a 30 min block of time to write? hehe. Hope your week gets more productive for you.

  5. LOL. Yes, I agree. Finding out what works can be the biggest challenge. Good luck!

  6. Half-hour intervals! See, not a completely boring update!

    See, now, if you rambled on forever about blahbidy, blah, blah, then it might be boring. As it is, we’re looking at short and sweet. Succinct. Efficient. : )

    It’ll be interesting to see if anything comes out of the half-hour discovery. Best of luck! We’ll look forward to more thrilling, action packed updates such as this.

  7. Your post made me smile. 🙂 See?

    You might really have something with that half hour thing. Let us know how that works out.

  8. The writing life can’t all be explosions and starshine. Days like this happen. Whatever gets you closer. Good luck!

  9. @Barbara- Well, at least I got a laugh. And I’m really happy about exercising. I could’ve used the time for something writerly, I feel so good after a workout.

    @Elizabeth- Thanks for making sure I’m picking up my mail.

    @Juliana- Well, my goal is to figure out my process, so every little discovery counts, right? Thanks!

    @Ryan- You laugh, but that’s what I’m thinking. Doesn’t have to only be once a day either.

    @Stacy- Thanks!

    @L.S.- Oh, jeez, if these updates get anymore thrilling and action-packed, I’ll need to seriously re-think this writing thing.

    @LL- Absolutely!

    @Daniel- Thanks!

  10. “explosions and starshine” <–that's awesome and so true. Especially on Wednesdays I feel like this. Sometimes I'm so tired that I write exactly that lol. Glad to see your blahbity blahs and know that you're trying to be accountable even when not much is happening! I hope the 2nd half of your week has some….explosions? …zombies? Ok, definitely ZOMBIES!

  11. What about exploding zombies? Now that’s a party!

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