And Now Doing Better #ROW80

Overall Goal: Figure out my writing process

Goal Pieces:

1. Read more books in my genre.

2. Read more books on craft and apply the lessons to my writing.

And in case you want the full story of why these are my goals, click here.

Well, pretty much nailed all my goals for this update.

Reading the scene section of Techniques of the $elling Writer by Dwight V. Swain which builds on the motivation reaction section I read earlier. The way he puts it, scenes themselves are a series of motivations and reactions. If your current scene wasn’t motivated by your last scene, then one or maybe both of them happened for nothing. And the reader will be really annoyed with you for making him read a bunch of crap for nothing. Take home message?

My crap must be meaningful crap, otherwise . . . it’s just crap.

I’m giving up on Skinwalker.

I made it a third in, well passed the first plot point, but still dragging through it. Can’t put my finger on why it’s not grabbing me. This happens every once in a while where a book just isn’t for me for no concrete reason.

In it’s place, I grabbed a sure thing book, Meg: Hell’s Aquarium. I’ve read the first three in this series and they’re always quick, action-packed reads. Plus, I’ve been reading a lot in first person and wanted something in third, since that’s what I’m writing in.

If you liked Jaws, then this might be a good series to jump into. The first book is only $4.99 for Kindle and $2.99 for Nook.

9 comments on “And Now Doing Better #ROW80

  1. Hi Andrew,
    David Swain’s book, “Techniques of the Selling Writer” is the BOMB. I have three shelves full of writing books and his sits on my desk, in a place of pride, easily reached when I need him. Good luck with your writing goals. You are one step ahead by actually writing them down. Take care.


  2. Good job on your goals,I generally give up on a book now if it’s not doing it for me, too little time too many books on the shelves. Enjoy the rest of the day.

  3. I used to slog through the whole book even if I didn’t like it. No more. Life is too short.

    Of course I like Jaws. Doesn’t everyone? Sounds like a good series. Good luck with your continuing goals!

  4. Ohhh, I’m hopeless. I can’t help but finish them, even when they’re bad 😦 Glad you’ve moved on to something you like better! Nice job on your goals and good luck with next week!

  5. Rachel- Thanks! It’s one of the best craft books I’ve read. I have Susan and Kait to thank for the suggestion. Glad it’s so helpful for you too.

    Katy- My TBR pile is frighteningly high, so yeah, if I get a hundred pages in and I’m not into it, I have to move on.

    LL- The Meg series is such great escapist reading. Let me know what you think if you try them out. And I forgot to mention that there’s a short prequel available only as an ebook for 99 cents. It’s called Meg:Origins.

    Lauren- It’s very rare I don’t finish a book. So when I get the “not so anxious to see what happens next” vibe, I know should drop out. It happens.

  6. Great job meeting your goals. That is certainly a good feeling! Sorry you couldn’t get into Skinwalker, I enjoyed it, but we all have different taste in books. I’ve seen some novels with 100 five star reviews that I absolutely hated and couldn’t figure out why anyone did like them. Other times, I love the book and many people hate it. Guess that is why there are so many authors, they can each reach different types of readers! The Jane Yellowrock Series is good, but it isn’t my favorite. The Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost is my number one, after that is the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. Both of them are first person, though.

    Good luck on this next week. Hope it is a productive one for you!

  7. Sorry I didn’t pop by on Sunday. I didn’t know enough to access the Linky Tools through the ROW blog. Sigh!

    Anyhoo, keep on keepin’ on.


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