Moving On #ROW80

Overall Goal: Figure out my writing process

Goal Pieces:

1. Read more books in my genre.

2. Read more books on craft and apply the lessons to my writing.

And in case you want the full story of why these are my goals, click here.

Didn’t get anything done Monday and Tuesday.

I started off Monday having to jump start my car because I left an interior light on. Even though I only lost forty-five minutes, after getting my post work errands done and sitting in traffic, it was dinner/quality time with wife time. I was too tired to do much else after that.

Tuesday was more of the same except with household chores. I caught up on some blogs and tweeted for a few minutes, but that was it.

And that’s okay. It’s Wednesday now and I’m moving on.

4 comments on “Moving On #ROW80

  1. Oh boy, figuring out writing process is seriously one of the toughest goals I could think of. Not sure I could even take that one on!

    Sucks about jump-starting your car. It’s amazing how something like that can throw the entire day out of whack. Like pushing a line of Dominos.

    I hope the rest of the week is better/less exhausting for you!

  2. Oooh, that leaving-the-interior-light-on happened to me a few weeks ago. Luckily, my landlord was outside and had the time to jumpstart my car, otherwise I don’t know what I would’ve done (especially since I’m a girl with zilch knowledge of anything automotive, sadly).

    I’ve found that Mondays and Tuesdays are catch-up days for me, with most of my time spent just dealing with school and day-to-day tasks. I really don’t get much writing in till the end of the week, when things calm down. Anyway, hope the rest of the week improves!

  3. I’m glad that my interior light goes off automatically if I leave it on. 🙂

    Sometimes days just don’t work out like we want them to. Carry on. *hugs*

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