Exhausted #ROW80

Overall Goal: Figure out my writing process

Goal Pieces:

1. Read more books in my genre.

2. Read more books on craft and apply the lessons to my writing.

Didn’t do so well with my goals this week because I was at the New York Comic Con. My ticket’s still good for today, but I’m way too tired to go. I met many of my favorite writers and artists, took some cool pictures of the costumes people wore and attended some panels that got me thinking about where I could take my writing career. I’d write about it in more detail, but, you know, exhausted. Maybe for another post.

The goal I did accomplish was to read more of my genre novel, Skinwalker, by Faith Hunter. I love stories about shapeshifters and this one stood out because the main character, Jane Yellowbrook, can shift into any animal. The author even explains how Jane can shift into animals larger or smaller than her own size.

So far it’s pretty good. She’s hunting a rogue vampire and her love interest seems like the usual mysterious bad boy. I’m still in act one of the book, so I expect there to be more twists coming to liven up this otherwise ordinary plot.

12 comments on “Exhausted #ROW80

  1. Sorry the comicon wore you out. Sounds like it was fun though!

    I love the Jane Yellowrock series. My review of the third book actually got the spotlight position on Amazon. You should enjoy reading it. I can’t wait for the next book to come out. It is definitely a must read for the Urban Fantasy readers/writers. I’ll be curious to see what you think of it as you progress along!

  2. I know just how exhausting attending a conference can be. I went to the Frankfurt Book Fair this weekend and one day was enough because it was soooo tiring, but of course fun too.

    Keep ROWin.

    • I easily walked a few miles each day, both to and from the con and in the building it was being held. It was huge. Plus parts of the day I stood long periods in line to get autographs and into panels. But yeah, so much fun.

  3. they are the most exhausting days – one doesnt realize the miles clocked up until legs turn to jelly and ankle turn inwards!!! am pleased you enjoyed it tho’ and theres always the coming week for goals – all the best

  4. It’s great to read and try to learn in your craft. I bought my first Writer’s Market recently, and started reading it voraciously…. then I made the mistake of putting it down. I need to make myself pick it back up again.

  5. Good exhaustion is the best kind. Sounds like ComicCon was amazing. Great goals to improve your craft. Wishing you much success!

  6. sounds like the con was productive, hope you feel better after a good nights sleep

  7. Alberta, Jennifer, Tia and Katy, thanks for checking out my little update.

    Katy- Was a little stiff on Sunday, but today I’m back to feeling like myself.

    Jennifer- I used to work in a book store and Writer’s Market was always fun to flip through. Lots of cool info.

  8. I understand about the exhaustion. After tending a booth at the Apple Festival for two days, I was ready to drop. It would have been worse if not for Anya. She’s one of those people who does so much for others and asks for nothing in return. I had to leave the festival early to go to church Sunday night, She and her family took down the tent, packed up everything, and I didn’t even have to go back. So she was probably more tired than me.

    I’m glad you had fun at Comic Con! I have a friend who owns a Comic Book/Gamer store, and they go to those conventions and dress up in really cool costumes.

  9. Good to know one was achieved. Looks like a good book to read. Thanks for sharing your goals.

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