Looking Back: A Year(ish) Since I Joined Social Media

We’ve all heard the phrase “Time flies when you’re having fun.” and yes, it’s been a fun year. But even more amazing is how much was packed into this small amount of time.

1. I joined Twitter. I started out with ten followers who were friends I made through blog reading/commenting. As of now, one thousand three hundred have decided I’m worth a follow.

2. I started a blog. It was earlier than planned and my first blog, so I really didn’t know what I was doing. Like most new things I try, I emulated blogs I liked and I did alright. I kept upping my posting schedule and after nine months, I burnt myself out. Turned out to be the best thing that could’ve happened. I took some time off and when I came back, I had a whole knew outlook on my blogging and a better grasp of my voice. The past few weeks of posts, I think, are my best yet.

3. I was on the radio! The opportunity popped up out of nowhere and being in a try new stuff mode, I went for it. It was a half-hour show I co-hosted with Carolyn McCray and every week we interviewed a paranormal author. I’d love to tell you how awesome I was, but as my first interviewee, Kait Nolan, can tell you, I was a big mess. But I made her laugh, so I took it as a win.

The schedule got a little hectic, so I wasn’t on the air very long, but I interviewed some cool people and kind of sounded like I knew what I was doing towards the end. I still miss it. Maybe one day I’ll make my return.

4. I’ve made tons of new friends who “get me”. There’s a difference between the support of family and friends and the support of your peers. An understanding of what you’re going through that only they have. It doesn’t diminish the importance of family and friends support, it’s just a different, yet necessary component to help us reach our goals.

5. I’ve learned. With the help of social media, I’ve packed in more writerly learning than all the years I’ve scribbled stories. So many people happily shared their experiences, good or bad, so others could learn. And bonus! Two of those people, Susan and Kait, took me under their wing to help me get better.

I think it pays to look back once in a while. Even if it’s not a year or six months or one month. Just look back.

What have you done?

How are you different?

What have you learned?

Chances are you’ll find something. Something important. A critical step closer to your goals.

So, what’s your year been like?

7 comments on “Looking Back: A Year(ish) Since I Joined Social Media

  1. Ah, social media. It’s both a blessing and a curse. I started out with a personal Facebook account and then did an author account. But I’m rarely on FB anymore. They keep changing it for who knows what reason. And I get so tired of being invited to play games. Looking back, I should have created an author page instead of an account.

    But Twitter…I love it. I fought against it for so long. And then, when I finally set up a Twitter account, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know what hash tags were or how to use the @ symbol. It was a learning curve, but now I’m really enjoying it.

    I love my blog. That’s where I really made lots of friends, especially after ROW80 started.

    Looking back…I’ve met so many new friends, learned so much about how social media can help you promote yourself, and have pretty much had a great time. No regrets!

  2. Funny you should post this… I was just thinking yesterday that my one year blogoversary is coming up. I have no idea if I spelled that anywhere close to right.

    In the past nearly one year, I’ve published four titles (one novel, two novellas, and one short story). That sounds like a lot, but I feel like I should have done more.

    I’m currently taking a month off of Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ in favor of just hanging out on blogs. I want to see if my online habits change, improve, devolve, etc. if I just spend more time reading meatier content than just what people had for breakfast. It’s an experiment.

    The biggest change is in me, I think. I’m so diehard indie now that it’s not even funny. A year ago, I was still sort of hoping to be discovered. Now… I don’t know if I’d take any offer that came my way. I’m not making much money or selling many books, but maybe that will change with time. I’ve become very low key about the whole marketing thing. I’m just focusing on the writing and publishing. If you write it, they will come… Maybe…

    I agree with you that it’s good to evaluate and reflect now and then. I’ve seen changes in your writing over the last year. Your voice is a lot more distinctive now than it was when I first read your blog. I think that’s fantastic.

  3. @LL Isn’t Twitter awesome? So many people to chat up without the hoop jumping of Facebook. I’ve made a bunch of friends on Twitter, but I’m still trying to get better at Facebook.

    @Amy I took some time off social media because of burnout, but unlike you, I missed it. When I came back, it felt good to be chatting with my peeps again. But that’s me. I’m so used to social media, it’s weird to not chat with my friends or tell people what I’m up to.

    I think your break will help you figure out how active you’re comfortable being. And social media will be more fun and less like an obligation. Good luck finding out what works for you.

  4. I started blogging in late January of this year and jumped into Twitter in late Feb or early March, I think. I would never have guessed how wonderful a community of writers there was out there in the social media universe. It’s not that I thought it was populated with grumpy internet trolls or anything but I didn’t know it would be so warm and welcoming. I’ve learned so much and met so many wonderful people. Even though I’m not really an outgoiong person socially, I really enjoy the conversations I have and I people I meet. Yay social media. 😀

    • Yeah, I was not prepared for how many awesome people were on social media. But that was my naivety to how large the world was. Besides all I’ve learned from everyone, I’ve made some lifelong friends. Never would’ve happened without social media.

      • Agreed. Some folks I know in everyday life consider social media to be the devil. They think it’s destroying our ability to connect and our minds. They don’t buy that I’ve met some wonderful people and learned things I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. *shrug*

  5. Since I joined the Social Media revolution in March, I’ve met some great writer friends and learned a ton of skills, methods, and techniques. I’m more comfortable with my writing and have found my voice. I thought I knew this stuff and had these talents already, but boy was I wrong!

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