Remembering Rose

Rose was my grandmother’s name and this weekend will be the seventh anniversary of her death.

I miss her lots.

Anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while might remember me mentioning her in my Love Series. Rose was the grandma who took me for comics after my monthly haircut. It’s easily one of my fondest memories.

She lived in the basement apartment of my parents house and practically raised me because my parents had to work so much. I owe a lot to her for how turned out as a person, so when this time comes around, I have a special tribute I use to remember her.

During summer break from school and long before I had a car, we’d walk to a local strip mall so grandma could get what she needed from Rockbottom and I could rent a movie at the pharmacy/video store. (I wonder if those exist anymore?) We’d watch movies together and the one I remember most was Weekend at Bernie’s. We loved it. Seriously, this is one of the funniest, dumb movies you’ll ever see. A few years later, grandma discovered Happy Gilmore, which was a big thumbs up. From then on, if either of those movies were on, she was watching.

And laughing like I’d never heard.

Big, deep belly laughs you could hear from anywhere in her apartment. I’m smiling right now typing this part.

So every year since her death, I pop in those movies, sit back and remember how happy they made her.

And how happy she made me.

Is there anything special you do to remember a loved one?

11 comments on “Remembering Rose

  1. You completely blindsided me with this post. I am now hysterically crying and not functionally. Losing Her has never gotten easier, the emptiness has just gotten more familiar over the years. Sometimes, not too often, I dream about her and when I wake up it feels like I was just at a visit to Meema’s place. For you it was comic books and movies, for me it was Little House (yeah, I know, I’m dating myself) and her cooking. How awesome is it that now when I come home from work to cook that show is on.

    We spent sooo much time watching TV together and me watching her in the kitchen. How do I pay tribute? I feed the ones I love cause that’s what she taught me how to do.

    There is not a day when she is not in my thought and there is not a holiday or birthday that I do not shed a tear. The menu around this time is a Meema’s specialty, chicken cutlet (which my kids now call “mommy’s chicken), potatoe salad and arroz con gandules. Billy (pronounced Be-lee if you wanna say it just like she did) says it all tastes just like Hers and he enjoys every minutes of it as he recalls sitting at the tables while She did her thing and feed him regularly too.

    She remains one of the most pivotal figures that have shaped my personality. I often think about what she would think about Alex and I know that she picked that angel herself for us cause she would have gotten a kick out of him.

    There are so many conversation, stories (about Ralphie) arguments (yes, we had those cause it was a REAL relationship and she was no joke) and laughs that I shared with her (and then along came a little brother and I had to share her – bastard!).

    I remember that my cousins had there own grandmothers and it absolutely infuriated me that they would refer to MY Meema’s as their own grandma. But that was how she like it and now in my adult life I can appreciate it.

    The most memorable thing that stands out to me was when I made and gave her a blanket (you know which one). She taught me how to crochet (she was an artist and I pale in comparison). It was blue and white and when she opened it you would think that I used golden thread. The tears filled her eyes as it dawned on her that someone had made something for her for a change and not the other way around. My mom had the unmitigated nerve to find a flaw in the blanket and My Meema’s responded with her “no joke” full on PR attitude and shut her down where she stood. I LOVED IT!!! LMAO I praise God we had her and I see and feel her all around me daily. I LOVE YOU MEEMA’S

    • Oh yeah, the stories. I never got tired of those, no matter how many times she told them to me.

      I wish she could’ve seen me get married. At least she got to meet Tracey. I know she loved her and would’ve been elated to here the news.

  2. Oh Andrew that’s just lovely. Your gran was way cooler than my family. 🙂

  3. She was a wonderful person. If anyone deserved a wave of the immortality wand, it was her.

  4. I really miss all four of my grandparents. I have such fond memories of them all. My paternal grandpa died when I was ten, but I’ll never forget the day we were all sitting around the table and he was trying to put whipped cream on something. I was sitting across from him. You know how those whipped cream nozzles work…not real accurate sometimes. When he was finished, I was wearing most of the whipped cream. LOL So many fond memories of them all.

    You know I lost my best friend this May. I keep trying to figure out what I’m going to do to commemorate her life and death each year. I still don’t have a clue. But she was just too special to not have something to celebrate her. It really should be something completely corny. LOL

  5. This is so very sweet. My grandfather (the cuban side, so mi abuelo) passed several years ago. I don’t have a specific ritual like you do, but my brothers and I like to tell stories about the things he would do and say.

    One of the last times I visited him, he gave me his formula for dealing with his diabetes, which involved eating pork rinds whenever he had sugar. 🙂

    Thanks for such a lovely post!

    • We did a similar thing instead of a wake. My family and friends got together at my parents house to tell stories about Rose.

      And that’s so cool your grandfather told you that. It will always be a special thing you two shared.

  6. Andrew, it sounds like your relationship to your grandmother was as wonderful as mine was to my Mimi – Caroline was her name; and, I hope to one day name my daughter after her. She’s been gone now only a few years and I miss her terribly. She left me her wedding ring, and I wear it daily to remember her. I lose count of how many times I look down to the ring and think of her. I’m tearing up just writing this.

    I spent every Monday through Friday with Mimi so that my mom and dad could work. She raised every single grandchild (six of us) so that our parents didn’t have to pay for daycare. I remember so many of those days vividly, like they were yesterday. As if the five work days weren’t enough, I got to spend every Sunday with my Mimi too at our family dinner. Every Sunday night she cooked a huge meal that fed everyone – aunts, uncles, cousins, and even friends. I’m actually baptized Catholic for my Mimi, and every time I pass by my crucifix or go into a church, I always think of her.

    Okay, enough….you hit a huge soft spot.

  7. Can you say “TATTOOS IN SEPTEMBER”? We’ve spoken about this, remember? And her full name is Rosa Maria Miranda Mocete!

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