Brain Purge: An Update

Can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last post here. I’m still not ready to come back fully, but I’ve got some stuff on my mind I’d like to share . . . Shiznit style!

1. My wife’s back is doing MUCH better. Last month, any kind of movement was difficult for her. I bought her special pillows, sneakers and open toed shoes (because cute shoes are a necessity for the summer. Lesson number I lost count of married life). This was money well spent. Between me and everyone else in her life, we made sure she didn’t bend, twist or stretch for anything. The weather’s nicer in New York, so we’ve been taking short walks to work her muscles in a good way. Now, she’s sleeping better and can get around without cringing in way that makes me want to carry her wherever she needs to go. Pretty soon, she’ll be healed enough to start exercising again.

2. Work is still hectic and probably will be for the summer. It’s a toss up these days if I leave on time and there are more holes in the schedule than ever because someone’s always on vacation. My boss asked for volunteers to work OT on our days off, so I’ve made myself available for that. I also volunteered to work a half day on the fourth of July. I’m glad to help and I can definitely find a use for the extra money.

3. Work has put a major roadblock on my writing. I need to get used to this and reorganize because I REFUSE to stop. Even if I did want to, my wife wouldn’t let me. Some days, I think she wants me published more than me. One of the reasons I love her so much.

4. I got inspiration where I wasn’t expecting it from. A while back, Draven Ames asked me to write a flash story for his blog. At first I wasn’t sure I could and then two seconds later an idea struck. I was in the middle of reading Story Engineering and thought it’d be a good way to try out what I’d learned so far. The biggest challenge was how to put the right ingredients in such a short story to give it emotional impact. Susan gave me a bunch of helpful notes. Kait and Jen also sent me notes from different perspectives, which really helped me get a complete view of where my story needed work.

When I finished revisions I realized I had a completed story. The kind other people can read. I’ve never had a completed story. It made me feel like I wasn’t just a guy talking about the stuff he wants to write. I actually got something done. Maybe I can do this writing thing.

Later in the month I received my next dose of inspiration when Susan sent me a copy of Heroes ‘Til Curfew to read. This is a sequel to her mega hit, Hush Money, and these are not easy to write. By the time you write a sequel to a mega hit, you’ve got fans and their expectations in your head. It’s easy to say you’re going to write the story just like the original, but it’s not the original. People know about you and your characters. They might even love them more than you. It’s a lot of pressure. Well, her fans can rest easy because this book is AWESOME. And that’s not because she’s my friend. I’m happy for her that she wrote a great book because she’s my friend, but I’m telling you how good it is because she’s a talented author.

Anyway, while I was reading, I thought about my own series. I’m creating a world in this book, but when I’ve got a second and third book to add to it, it’ll really feel like I’ll have created something bigger than me. Think of how cool Star Wars was and how much bigger and better the series became after Empire. That’s what I’m getting out of Heroes ‘Til Curfew. I never looked at it that way until now and it’s my new mission to get where she is.

5. My guest post on Tiffany A. White’s blog went over better than I ever thought it would. I knew she had a popular blog, but I was shocked at all the people dropping in with comments. I came to two possible conclusions: a) This was the first time I wrote a really good post or b) I have GOT to promote this blog more. I’m thinking “b” because I suck at promoting myself.

That’s about it. I’m sure there’s more, but this is what’s on my mind now. I’ll probably have to purge again if I’m not blogging regularly soon.

8 comments on “Brain Purge: An Update

  1. I’m so glad your wife is better. When your back hurts, nothing feels good!

    I’m sorry things are so hectic at work. Mine is winding down. I sure did like the overtime back when I was taking work home with me. LOL

    Your flash fiction isn’t up yet, is it? Surely you would tell us. :0) I know Heroes Til Curfew is going to be great! Susan is one of the most talented authors I now and I loved Hush Money. I can’t wait to read HTC. I just started a series, and you’re right, it’s hard. I have to start the second one soon, and the challenge is to tell enough about the previous book so that new readers will get it, but not to go over the exact same things that happened so that people who read the first book won’t get bored.

    I’m really glad you did a guest post on Tiffany’s blog because now I’m subscribed to her blog and I love it. Promoting yourself is so hard! Sometimes you don’t know where to start. But I think guest blogging is a big help.

    • Thanks, Lauralynn.

      The flash isn’t up yet. I’ll definitely let everyone know when it is.

      You’re right, the sequel shouldn’t require new readers to have read part one. Susan did a great job of spreading the details of Hush Money out while keeping the focus on the main story. I’ll probably just copy everything she’s doing because she’s awesome.

      Oh, great! Tiffany has a fun blog and my post did so well, I’ll be doing another one in the future.

  2. I am so glad your wife is doing better! Pain and discomfort is never fun for the person experiencing it, or the partner.

    I am so glad that you will not stop your writing despite your hectic work life. I’m going to miss you in Row80, but it sounds like you’re prioritizing accordingly.

    And, you do NOT suck at promoting yourself, AND, the guest post you wrote for me was not the first well written post that you have done. Not limiting your fabOoolous writing to just this one, but a little post called Author Club comes to mind….Please don’t be so hard on yourself! People love TV, and your post was BRILLIANT. I really, really, really hope you’ll do another. 🙂

    • Thank you, Tiffany. She’s so used to doing everything for herself, it was tough on her.

      And thanks for the vote of confidence on my promotion skills, but I still think they need work. I’m good at promoting myself in the sense that, I’m myself on social media and people like me. But actually telling people about my posts? Not so much. Usually the midnight auto tweet when I publish is all I do. It’s rare I tweet again about a post. I’ve relied on cool peeps like you to RT, which I appreciate so much. I feel weird asking. Maybe if their was a network set up like ROW80 sponsors to help promote each other, but asking out of the blue? Not so much.

      I know plenty of people schedule stuff tweets and I should too since the majority of my day is spent away from the internet. Then I think maybe I’m going look spammy if, for instance, I schedule a tweet for #MyWANA without interacting with anyone.

      It’s a vicious circle in my head I can’t seem to solve.

  3. Hi Andrew! I’m so glad things are looking up for you. Your post on Tiffany’s blog was awesome. You should do another!

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  5. Good to hear things are looking up mate. Don’t worry about work getting in the way – think it’s the same for all of us who write in our spare time. You’re very fortunate to have a partner who pushes you… self-motivation is not the easiest thing to achieve!

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