Dog Days Are Over #ROW80 Update

My Goal: Read two chapters of Story Engineering a day until I finish it.

Test my grasp of those lessons on my WIP and short stories.

I’m still in the character section of Story Engineering. The last part I read had to with plot vs. subplot vs. subtext. I sort of get it. I understand the examples Larry Brooks gives, but I’m having trouble making the connection with my own book. It’s like trying to think of a word that’s on the tip of your tongue. I’ll probably reread that chapter.

The writing’s going well. Thursday and Friday I got a bunch of pages under my belt for the short story. I don’t know if I mentioned it here, but this is totally unrelated to the vampire book. This one’s going to be about wizards AND it will definitely have romance in it. Written by me. Kait has fully endorsed this plan, so I know I’m on to something good.

This is my first try at a short story and while doing some brainstorming with Susan, she explained how I should be structuring it. Even though it’s not a full novel, it still needs the same story elements of one or it’ll be a bunch of scenes with no point. I’ve also never written fantasy in a medieval type setting, so that’s fun. Though, as much fun as I’m having, I don’t want to neglect my vampire story and will return to it this week.

So, this week’s song I picked Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine. To be honest I have no clue what the song’s about, I just love the energy in the vocals and the way the music builds in the beginning. Makes me feel like something big and important is happening when I sit down to write. This is an awesome live version because it sounds almost exactly like the studio recording. It’s refreshing.

Info stuff- Follow my ROW80 progress every Wednesday and Sunday and be here Tuesdays and Thursdays for new posts on me, writing, superheroes, monsters, comics and any other geeky stuff on my mind.

17 comments on “Dog Days Are Over #ROW80 Update

  1. I like this song for the same reasons. Your short story sounds interesting. I hope you’ll share when you’re finished!

  2. Sounds like your ROW80 is going well. Keep up the good work!

  3. So glad to hear your writing is going well!

  4. It’s good to brainstorm with others. So far, I have no “writing buddies” online, but a colleague read my edited (first round) Interior Designs and gave good feedback. I’ll be searching for other Beta readers.

    Meanwhile, I am doing rewrites on Defining Moments.

    Hang in there….

  5. You’ve inspired me to keep on going. Last week I bombed on my ROW80 goal, but I vow this week will be different. Loved the video.

  6. Happy your week is going well! I love writing short stories, I hope you enjoy the experience. 🙂

  7. I can’t wait to read your short story! It sounds like you’ve got a lot going on right now. :0)

  8. @newtowritinggirl and @Jen- Thank you gals very much!

    @laurel- As long as you’re getting the feedback you need, no matter where it’s coming from, you’re in good shape.

    Have you checked out the #MyWANA hashtag on Twitter? It’s a new and large community of supportive writers like ROW80. Many ROW80ers hang there too.

  9. @C.Lee- I’m so happy to heat that. Don’t worry about stumbling. You either work harder to make up or change your goals to fit your new schedule. There’s always a way.

    @Stacey- It’s fun to try something new. I’m sure this won’t be my last short story.

    @Lauralynn- Yes, the good kind of busy. This is the most planning I’ve ever put into a story.

  10. Brainstorming is a wonderful process and always very helpful. Yep, Florence and the machine has a wonderful spirit and their songs are interesting. I always appreciate it when a singer can sing live and is really good versus those who are so mixed in the studio, you gringe when they sing live. I have to remember to Story Engineering. Sounds very beneficial. Have a great week.

  11. Great post. I wish you good luck on your short story. They can be pretty hard to do sometimes. I started with shorts and one became my novel. Let me check it out when you are done, okay? I would love to see it.

    That lady has an amazing voice. She reminds me of what I imagine my wife’s mother looked like when she was young.

    Keep reading and good luck with it influencing your writing. I’ve never heard of the book, but should check it out.

    Draven Ames

  12. @Robin- I checked a few live clips before I picked this one and every time she sounds great. Very talented.

    Yes, don’t forget Story Engineering. It’s totally worth it.

    @Draven- I’m up for the challenge because it’ll make me a better writer. Of course you can read it. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    If you liked that song, check out the rest of the album. It’s amazing.

    The author of Story Engineering has a blog storyfix Also very good.

  13. Love the post. You have made some good progress this week. I just love writing short stories even when I am working on a novel. It helps to break things up. In fact my own novel I published last year originally was a short story in the beginning.

    Story Engineering sounds interesting. I have been using an English Composition Text book for my own lessons on writing. Before I got it, I use to never really brainstorm any of my work. Now I am beginning to even try and plot out my blogs.

    Good luck for the coming week. I am sure Florence will bring you more inspiration. I know she would for me.

    • You’re not the first person to say a short story morphed into a novel. Guess I went backwards. Ha!

      Story Engineering is great. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s like having a story blueprint.

  14. I’m so excited for your short story! Great song too….I totally missed the Sunday check in. Whoops!

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