I Beg Of You, Please Have RSS and Email Options For Your Blog

So, the other day I’m reading one of my regular blogs and I came across a new commenter. Looked interesting. I clicked over to the blog. A quick scan of articles was promising. Okay, let me just add this to my RSS feed for later reading. Hey where’s the RSS?

After all that, I can’t subscribe the way I want to. I’ll probably never be back to that blog. Yes, there was an email option, but I didn’t want a substitute. I wanted what I wanted. I DO use email for some blogs, but if I subscribed to everything I read through email, my head would explode and I’d end up deleting more than I read. TOO MUCH INPUT. RSS is like a DVR. Post are there, waiting for me, when I’m ready for them. It’s nice, it’s neat and it’s EASY for me to organize.

Friends, just in our field, there are more GOOD blogs than a person can read in their lifetime. If there isn’t a convenient way for me to subscribe to the ones I like, I’m not reading them. Sorry, but my brain is too filled to capacity to remember the url of your blog. I imagine I’m not the only one thinking this. That’s why multiple subscription options exist. We like options. They give us the warm fuzzies when we’re in charge of our destiny.

I have yet to see a blogger forget to add their to book buying info to their blog. But email and RSS? This is arguably more important because no one will see the book buy info if they can’t find your blog. Plus, part of writing a blog is to entice readers to check out your work based on your articles, flash fic etc. Make it easy for us the get the posts you work hard on to write. Really, I want to read them. I know on WordPress, it’s a matter of dragging a widget into your sidebar. And blogger can’t be much harder. Put them at the top of your blog so it’s SUPER EASY to find.

Thank you. That is all.

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7 comments on “I Beg Of You, Please Have RSS and Email Options For Your Blog

  1. I agree–it is a LOT easier if a site has RSS/email. If it doesn’t, there’s really no easy way to keep up with posts.

  2. Thank you for this post, Andrew. I always got bent out of shape when people didn’t have the email option and never dreamed the RSS feed was that important. I realized that the RSS wasn’t on my blog. So I need to get that added as soon as I can. I looked at it briefly a few minutes ago, but it involved more than just dragging a widget. I have to actually put a URL in there! LOL

  3. Whew! Your post scared me…I had to double check my blog. Email subscription box – check. RSS feed – check. I’m in the clear!

  4. LOL, your post reminded Tiffany to bug me about an email subscription option on my blog. Thanks for the reminder! šŸ˜€

  5. @Golden Eagle- Yeah, those two are a must.

    @Lauralynn- That seems like the same kind most people have on their blogs, so you’re good.

    @Tiffany- Ahahaha! Well, I didn’t mean to SCARE you. That’s your job with the Boo Factor.

    @Jen- Ha! Now watch your subscriptions skyrocket!

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