We’re Not Safe

On April 19th, Sony’s Playstation Network was hacked. Sony. One of the biggest electronics companies in the world. Sony had to shut down the whole network while it set out to rebuild the system with better security. But not before tens of millions of user information was stolen. Just like that. Gone. It goes to show, no matter what guarantees are given about your security, it’s not foolproof.

Hackers understand computers on a level I probably never will. They’re the best of the best in what they do. Most of them, I’d bet, use their gift to tweak their electronics or to help friends get more out of their stuff. Just like a buddy coming over to help another buddy with their home improvement. In other words, LEGAL. Unfortunately, some will break the law and it sucks, but it’s a fact of life.

We spend A LOT of time on the computer, even joke that it’s too much. I’ve lost count of how many places I’ve put my name. I’m plugged in. No getting out and I figure I’m not alone. So, take a moment and think about where your information is. Make it as safe as you can and take precautions. No one will care more about your information than you. Don’t assume the website you left it with is one-hundred percent because if someone wants in, they’re getting in.

End of PSA.

5 comments on “We’re Not Safe

  1. Great point, Andrew. I hate the trend toward putting more and more personal information to companies who have their databases connected to the net. People opt for convenience, telling themselves it won’t happen to them. I am treated like a trouble maker when I refuse to give my info out. Thanks for your important post.

  2. My hubby was following this. Said this is why you don’t piss hackers off.

  3. I signed up for PSN right before that happened. Man, lesson learned! Again. Though this time a little more harshly than normal.

    Plus, it was revealed that Sony wasn’t encrypting any of the information, so the hackers just had to get into the system to get all that info served on a platter like it was waiting for them. And it took Sony a week to fess up about what happened. (It still took them a day after fessing up before I got my email informing me of the situation. I found out by looking online.)

    Definitely important to remember to be careful.

  4. Very good post, Andrew. We have to be as careful as we can, but even with precautions, we can still be hacked. That’s the biggest thing I hate about Facebook. Those accounts get hacked all the time.

    It’s a shame that there are actually highly intelligent people out there in the world that use their talents for this kind of thing. How pathetic.

  5. @Piper- And those companies are probably very good at what they do, but to assume you’re safe because you gave them your information is foolish. If you’re handling your information without the help of a company, then good for you!

    @Patricia- Yeah, no kidding. It’s a shame “hacker” is associated so negatively.

    @Nina- Oh, that sucks. I hope nothing bad happened with any of your information. I wouldn’t wish identity theft on my worst enemy.

    When you signed up, you had to assume a reasonable amount of security. Sony failed you and took a WEEK to break the news and another day to tell you. I saw a special that showed identities sold and drained of their funds in a blink. So many people might’ve had their lives ruined in that time. So wrong. This is why we need to stay vigilant.

    @Lauralynn- It does suck. We have to remember in the 21st century getting mugged is just a click away.

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