Brand New Day #ROW80 Update

My Goal: Finish revising my friggin’ book already!

The road to my goal: 250-500 words on workdays and 500-1000 on my days off.

The sometimes detour when I get stuck: Plot the next book.

Not a bad week, but still not where I want to be. (Will I ever meet my standards?) The thing that’s bugging me is a I made a schedule and for some bizarre reason I’m fighting it. Even though I know I need it.

I carved out blocks of time to write, read, jump on social media, all things that fall under the umbrella of Writer. So, I’m in my “writing my novel” block and I’m having a staring contest with my computer. It seems my last few chapters have the most holes. According to my goals, when this happens, I’m supposed to plot my next book. Did I do that? That would fall under the category of Too Easy. Nope, I kept on staring. It’s like lying in bed, unable to sleep despite everything you’ve read saying you SHOULDN’T do that. Because you keep saying to yourself, “Any minute now, I’ll fall asleep.” Once my time was up, I decided to go a little longer because any minute now, I’d be writing. That bled into other non-writing things I wanted to do and I ended up getting less done.

But as I said earlier, not a bad week. I got a whole mess of words written in this new chapter and after I declared my computer winner of the staring contest, I plotted out the rest of the chapter. So why be disappointed? Partly because I’m crazy. And partly because I want be more consistent with my work. It’s just my expectation.

But bright side . . .

Besides plotting the chapter I got myself a week ahead on my blog posts and discovered some new ones I’ll be sharing with you guys on Wednesday. So that’s why I picked Brand New Day by Ryan Star as this week’s song. If you’ve ever watched Lie To Me, (Tiffany) you’ll recognize this as the show’s theme. It’s got this whole “You’ve got your whole life ahead of you, so seize the day” kind of vibe, which is just what I needed. One of my favorite lines: “They say that we’re flying too high/Get used to looking up”

I’ll try not to be so whiny on Wednesday.

Info stuff- Follow my ROW80 progress every Wednesday and Sunday and be here Tuesdays and Thursdays for new posts on me, writing, superheroes, monsters, comics and any other geeky stuff on my mind.

7 comments on “Brand New Day #ROW80 Update

  1. The thing I always try to remember about schedules is that they are there as a backbone, to keep me aligned to my goals. However, even a backbone is flexible and so we should be with our schedules too. We have to learn how to give ourselves a break when things aren’t flowing right…and jump back on to the schedule when they are.

    Hope this helps 😀

    Chloe xx

  2. Time you learnt not to be so hard on yourself!!! but I suspect you will always be so – but you are acheiving so congratulate yourself instead and luck for next week – keep smiling

  3. Haha! I do that too. I set up a schedule for writing and then promptly ignore it. Why?? Why do we do this??

  4. @Chloe- That’s a cool way of looking at schedules. Thanks.

    @Alberta- I try to look on the bright side of everything. I’d never want to be totally negative, but yeah, I’ll probably always expect myself to do more. I’m slightly insane.

    @Belinda- The million dollar question. Way bigger than the meaning if life.

  5. I’ve found that, as a writer, schedules are just a “suggestion”. I think the reason for that is writing is a creative thing and schedules are kind of organized and rigid. Sometimes you just can’t rush creativity nor can you make it happen on cue. It will come. That doesn’t mean you can use the creativity excuse to be lazy, but you should be a little easier on yourself.

    • My wife’s telling all the time I’m being too hard on myself. I think what bugged me the most was I anticipated getting stuck and planned to plot my next book whenever that happened. I figured it was a good way to vary my writing and I ignored it. But that was then.

      I’ve already gotten some good writing in since yesterday and if I get stuck again I won’t try to force it. Maybe I’ll even give myself . . . a break. *gasp*

  6. Poor Lie to Me…another Fox show bites the dust. I love your creative Row 80 posts. Plotting is important, don’t sell yourself short. I somehow believe you won the battle with your computer….

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