Untitled #ROW80 Update

My Goal: Finish revising my friggin’ book already!

The road to my goal: 250-500 words on workdays and 500-1000 on my days off.

The sometimes detour when I get stuck: Plot the next book.

Progress. Not big, but still, forward movement. Sunday I didn’t write except some upcoming blog posts. Monday I wrote 300 and something and Tuesday another 250. So, I met my goals and finished up a particularly difficult chapter. To be honest, I’m still not in love with it, but I’m not going to stress. Probably something for crit partners to help with. That’s all folks!

And now . . . Mandatory Reads! Everything I demand recommend you read this week.

Seems heroines were on the mind of a few bloggers last week. You simply must check out Thoughts on YA ParaRom and a bit of Wicked Lovely by Susan Bischoff, A Different Kind of Strength In Supernatural Hero/ines by Kait Nolan and Mythic Monday: The Heroine by Amy Rose Davis. Strong ladies, telling it like it is when it comes to strong heroines.

Next is a great post by Bob Mayer called What Does It Take To Succeed in Self-Publishing. As someone who’s worked both sides of the publishing fence and knows what it takes to succeed, you should do yourself a favor and take his advice.

Like fun? I have your next destination. Jen Kirchner has started an ongoing fantasy story, The Relic. At the the end of each installment, (new ones every Friday) YOU get to decide what happens next. Voting is over for part one, but if you get in now, you’ll be ready for part two.  Anne-Mhairi Simpson has a similar choose your own adventure fantasy on her blog. The Elemental Races. New installments go up every Tuesday. I STRONGLY recommend you check them BOTH out.

Info stuff- Follow my ROW80 progress every Wednesday and Sunday and be here Tuesdays and Thursdays for new posts on me, writing, superheroes, monsters, comics and any other geeky stuff on my mind.

Did you miss my guest post on Jennifer Joseph’s blog? It was about the Avengers and JLA movies and which one I think will be better. If I can give my horn a light toot, I think it was FINE piece.

12 comments on “Untitled #ROW80 Update

  1. All progress is good progress. You are so right not to stress about you not liking the chapter as much as you want. Crit partners can help you refine it further, or maybe even tell you it is great and perchance it just doesn’t sit well with you as the writer.

    I am definitely going to go and check out your recommended reads, the ones I missed anyway.

  2. You’re such a doll, thanks for the link 🙂 As far as the chapter goes, don’t worry about it. As Alex says, once it’s written it can be worked on and when you go back and re-read it it may be absolutely fine.

    I like the new look for the site, by the way – I guess I haven’t been here in a while :S It looks very slick, very professional 🙂

  3. Congrats on the progress. I’m doing rewrites on my WIP called Defining Moments; I’d neglected it since before NaNoWriMo (when I wrote the beginning of Interior Designs).

    It’s hard to measure word counts in rewrites, and pages rewritten seem underwhelming. But it’s forward movement.

  4. You’re still moving right long! :0)

    I clicked on the link on your blog that was supposed to go to your guest post, but it just went directly to the blog and I couldn’t find your post. I’ll pop over there again and see if I can see it now.

  5. Great check in & mashup in one! Keep going strong with your goals. Also, enjoyed your guest post yesterday for Jennifer. I’m a new blog subscriber for her because of you! Lastly, I LOVE Jen’s blog Vote your Adventure, and I’m on my way now to check out Anne-Mhairi’s! Those were some of my favorite books growing up.

  6. Sounds like you’re doing it! I’ve had my ups and down with this challenge, but on the up days I pat myself on the back and thank me for joining in the “fun.”

  7. Awesome news on your progress…you’re getting closer and closer to realising your dream in that area.

    I’m still busy getting my blog ship-shape, but once it is, I’ll definitely be taking a look at your post suggestions! I need all of the inspiration I can get!

    Chloe xx

  8. Wow. A shout out. I’m floored. I really don’t know what to say. You flatter me.

  9. Congrats on finishing the chapter! It can always be fixed later, but now that it’s done it allows you to move on. Who knows, maybe something later will help you figure out how to go back to it and make it something you’re happy with?

  10. Thanks for all the great links!

  11. Rather than subject you to a billion emails of me saying thanks, I decided to put it all into one comment.

    I really appreciate each and every one of you stopping by and taking the time comment. The encouragement you all leave me is one the reasons having this blog is so awesome.

    I’m also glad the recs have been helpful and that you guys are digging the blog’s new look. Thank YOU!

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